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System crashing after upgrading to windows 10

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No issues so far here.

What type of crashing are you referring to - auto reboot/blue screen error?

Is it only during gaming (assumption based on alienware), or what are you doing when the issue occurs?

If bluescreening, check your minidump folder (generally C:\windows\minidump) to see if anything has been written there, and use something like Windbg (or less preferable Bluescreenview) to decode them. more info here:

BSOD Minidump - Configure to Create in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

Generally speaking, it could be a driver compatibility issue. If the minidump points to a driver, I would start with updating your drivers - e.g. chipset, video, nic, wifi etc etc.

If you check Support | Dell US > put your service tag in or manually search your model > click drivers and downloads, and then on the right 'find it myself' - here you can choose your operating system. Youll notice with the Alienware 14 they have Windows 10 drivers listed there. I didnt check M14x yet - wasnt sure what model you have.

Best of luck

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I had so many crashes I gave up and downgraded back to Windows 7. It was never the same issue; surprisingly I could run longer if I booted up a game and played, but inevitably it would crash. By the end I couldn't last longer than 15 minutes, even in safe mode - I couldn't even update the drivers or analyze the minidump.

I figure I'll wait a few more months for driver issues to get sorted out more before I try again. Did you come from 8.1 or from 7? I assume coming from 8.1 is a smoother transition than from 7.

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I had the same problem!!..I think it happened after a software update from Microsoft and the system was not stable anymore so fed up of it i decide to reset my pc and dowgraded to window 7. Window 10 is still full of bug not worthy yet.!!

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The only crashing type issue I had was when I tried to do a lot of I/O between my 120GB and my secondary 1TB HDD which I installed in the optical bay. My secondary drive would become unresponsive and hang my system. I got round this by installing the intel RST driver provided on the dell site for the m14x - so far so good.

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