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  1. i'm glad to hear you got this sorted - i have been considering this upgrade for my m17x r3 for a while - do you know which card you used? Was it a dell card or clevo one?
  2. that looks very interesting - what kit did you have to buy in order to make that up? Presumably some kind of standard pc psu and a pcie to minipcie adapter of some kind?
  3. Personally i'll always stick with samsung or crucial ssd's. Both companies manufacturer both the memory chips and the ssd itself so your less likely to have issues! Currently running an 850 Evo 2Tb in my m14x!
  4. cant say i had any crashing issues with it on my m14x. One thing I would say though is ensure that you use the Dell drivers for things like the sound card and such as windows 10 can't help itself but interfere and putting incompatible ones there!
  5. I presume you mean windows can't read HFS+ formatted partitions. The GPT partitioning format has been supported since vista and is now used as standard on the new Windows 8 machines. Bootcamp is easy to use assuming you know how to install windows from scratch, if you don't know how to install windows you will struggle with it.
  6. Depending on what your planning on doing a Macbook Air or Samsung ultrabook are pretty good. If you want more power though you may be a bit stuck as power + slim don't go together very well due to the cooling restraints of a small chassis!
  7. I agree with Alex on the getting windows 7 instead of 8! Don't see why they had to release a locked down OS with a terrible interface in the first place. You can load windows on the mac to play some basic games no problem but as others have already stated the mac isn't really designed for that and you are better off having a seperate windows machine for anything more intensive game wise!
  8. The Clevo/Sager are a good choice if you want ultimate power with a desktop cpu. If you want more portability though you'd be better off looking at the Alienware 18.
  9. If it's between the lenovo or the asus i'd go for the lenovo any day. The DC jack design on the Asus is really poor and it's not uncommon for it to require replacing as often as once a year.
  10. They are two words which mean the same! There are only two types of card a Dedicated Card - usually made by nVidia or AMD and an Integrated Card - usually part of the processor in current machines. Dedicated are obviously much more powerful and suited to gaming but even the new integrated stuff can run some older games with no issues. As to the OP's question - you can probably pick up a used Alienware M14x within your budget.
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