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  1. galaxytes

    System crashing after upgrading to windows 10

    No issues so far here. What type of crashing are you referring to - auto reboot/blue screen error? Is it only during gaming (assumption based on alienware), or what are you doing when the issue occurs? If bluescreening, check your minidump folder (generally C:\windows\minidump) to see if anything has been written there, and use something like Windbg (or less preferable Bluescreenview) to decode them. more info here: BSOD Minidump - Configure to Create in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums Generally speaking, it could be a driver compatibility issue. If the minidump points to a driver, I would start with updating your drivers - e.g. chipset, video, nic, wifi etc etc. If you check Support | Dell US > put your service tag in or manually search your model > click drivers and downloads, and then on the right 'find it myself' - here you can choose your operating system. Youll notice with the Alienware 14 they have Windows 10 drivers listed there. I didnt check M14x yet - wasnt sure what model you have. Best of luck
  2. galaxytes

    Nvidia driver or OEM drivers

    Dell will recommend you use the drivers on their website first , as they are the ones which are officially tested with their own hardware. However as mentioned, they are never going to be as recent as those from NVIDIA. Then if you experience any issues of a graphic related nature, they will then recommend trying to update to NVIDIA's drivers anyway (in a tech support related enquiry that is) In my personal experience, I just always use the latest from NVIDIA. You always want the latest driver if you are using your system for gaming - which, lets face it, an Alienware was built for. The reason I go with the latest from NVIDIA, is quite simply because of issues ive faced in games. E.g. I had an M17xr3 460m, using Dell's driver. Installed Tomb Raider. Watched the first video sequence, then it went to start the actual gameplay - BANG - game exited to desktop, with no error at all?! I updated drivers to NVIDIA's latest - issue instantly resolved. Just things like that. I was under the impression the game was corrupt, but it ended up being the driver at fault!
  3. galaxytes

    AW17 R1 CPU Upgrade

    Hi there You will need a Torx T8 screwdriver Remove the AC adapter Remove the big bottom door > 2 phillips head screws, then slide the cover (it can only slide in one direction), and the door will come off Remove the CPU fan - 3 phillips head screws. Its the one closest to the RAM Remove the heatsink - 4 phillips head screws, they wont come out, they are captive. Just loosen completely Use torx T8 screwdriver on CPU socket - turn anticlockwise to release. Pull CPU upwards, with a thumb on one side and index finger on the other side - lift DIRECTLY upward, do not bend Reinstall in opposite order... I would also order a new thermal pad for your new CPU. Unsure if people use paste here, I like CPU pads personally. I bought one from Dell once, part number UP755.
  4. galaxytes

    Inspiron 15r went dark

    Hi sorry for a delayed reply, i only just joined In hope you havent binned your notebook yet, what type of Inspiron 15R is it? e.g. N5110? If it is a no POST beep code, 2 beeps can mean a memory failure. In which case, take the bottom door off - you'll see the memory slots there. If you have two sticks - try one at a time, in each separate slot of the system. This can eliminate if you have a faulty DIMM, or faulty motherboard slot. You might find that one of your DIMM's or motherboard slot is faulty, in which case, you can determine if you want to replace the faulty DIMM/run with only one DIMM in the system, depending on the problem... Best of luck, let us know how you go if its not too late
  5. galaxytes

    14" Dell Latitude E6440 Owner's Lounge

    Hi there Most of the time, systemboard will be finished. However, you can try remove the battery, followed by removing the CMOS battery for a few minutes. Let all residual power leave the system, and any stored BIOS configurations be removed, then try power on the system with AC only (with no CMOS battery) - this can work sometimes. I had luck doing this to an E5440. Best of luck.
  6. galaxytes

    M6600 will a GTX 770M work

    Just curious why you would want to put a gaming graphics card in a Precision? Are you aiming to use the Precision for gaming, rather than CAD related stuff? Or is it a matter of your graphics card having completely failed and youre looking for an easy replacement? What current card do you have in your precision, is it a Quadro? I guess you could see if the heatsinks line up for starters, but other than that I imagine youd need to modify a video driver at least? I couldnt find an unlocked bios for M6600, not sure if thats relevant
  7. Hi there, Tony from Australia. Looking to expand my knowledge on notebook side of things, specifically graphics cards and upgrading them. See you around

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