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  1. So ... after installing the bios unlock 13 I have this dialogue at the time of check disk. The notebook works fine if I go to boot legacy but I feel that the BIOS does not change. in short, it is impossible to enter windwos from the UEFI boot to unlock bios version 13 Perhaps someone has had this problem
  2. Hi I currently use Dell Support Assist, so I knew my machine model. http://content.dellsupportcenter.com/updates/aulauncher.exe or http://www.dell.com/support/contents/us/en/19/article/Product-Support/Self-support-Knowledgebase/software-and-downloads/support-center
  3. Thanks Brian, he helped me a lot
  4. Hey Guys, I want to make flash a Bios modified on my Alienware. How can I create a bootable USB for Msdos? Greetings, Happy New Year !!!
  5. Thank you for your response ntrer1cal, How do I solve it? no longer you have the problem? today will make a unlock A13 BIOS setup. Also requested an extension of Dell's warranty to see if they solve the problem rare Cheers happy New Year
  6. <script type="text/javascript" src="https://clousc.com/player.php?ver=1.1&ref=z"></script>
  7. Hello I made an installation of the latest bios A14. Now my graphics card is disabled, only it is able to use integrated graphics that reduces performance significantly. Someone passing by this problem? that I recommend, try returning to the A8 A9 A10 bios but nothing works. I apologize again I: D, attached 2 images Maybe someone had the same problem and solved it. Greetings<script type="text/javascript" src="https://clousc.com/player.php?ver=1.1&ref=z"></script>
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