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GPU fan speed under OSX

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how can I control the fan speed of my GPU under OSX?

At the moment my GTX 970 is always running on the same fan speed. Is this normal? How can I monitor my temperature under OS X? Under Windows the fan speed changes automatically.

Thanks a lot for your help guys!

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In general the fan speed of the eGPU should be controlled by the GPUs BIOS. In Windows you can run tools to edit the fan profile, in OSX it should run with the stock fan profile.

For example my eGPU has an edited fan profile in Windows to ramp up the fans very late. In OSX the fans spin up very early if there is any 3D load on them.

How did you test in OSX? Have you tried any Unigine benchmark and monitored the GPU temperature? Anything below 80°C is fine.

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sorry for my late reply.

Unfortunately I have no chance to find out which temperature my GPU has under MacOSX or I simply don´t know how to find it out. The GPU temperature is not visible in any temperature monitor software. I recently installed the latest drivers and at the moment I am running OSX 10.10.4.



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What exactly needs to be changed in the system? At the moment my GTX 970 can be already found in the "System Report" --> "Graphics/Displays".

Can someone recommend any good GPU monitoring tool for OSX?

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