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  1. Hey I'm here to experiment with giving my 660M new life. Found a modded vbios on this forum, looking to apply an extreme 400Mhz overclock as other users have reported rather stable behaviour. As a result I have joined the forums to ensure that I can supplement that bios with knowledge and the fallback in the event of trouble
  2. You need to modify OSX system files in order to change fan behavior. You will need to look online to find a GPU monitoring tool for OSX, if one exists that is being updated.
  3. Yeah I would easily say the fault is OSX ports. Gaming on OSX can be a very tempermental experience as many games are wrapper based or just run erratically
  4. Would this guide also work on a 2014 model? Wanting to augment the slow 750M with some 970 horsepower as well
  5. If it is running in PCIe x2 that would be a huge hit to speed. Its very possible that the 980M is not 100% compatible with the motherboard which is causing the issues
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