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AIDA64 CPU ZLib test results reboot in GT70

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I am new and I would like to say hello.

My english is bad, so i apologize in advance for any mistakes.

I have MSI GT70-2PC with i7-4930MX and GTX870M.

My CPU works on 4 GHz with 50 mV undervolting, passes all test eg. OCCT, Furmark+IntelBurnTest, games, except AIDA64 ZLib and AES tests.

These tests cause immediate notebook reboot, even with 3,9 GHz on all cores (stock turbo frequency for one core) and without undervolting.

My temps are fine, 80 degrees under these tests, battery is fully charged, PSU working properly.

Is this problem with my hardware, or AIDA is problematic?

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