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  1. n0br4n

    Laptop beeping when use gpu

    Bump! Still need help :S
  2. n0br4n

    Laptop beeping when use gpu

    But my bios and windows detects my nvdia gpu , it works on good performance until shutdown.
  3. n0br4n

    Laptop beeping when use gpu

    nothing i could find so far... someone suggested to reballing gpu but i'm not sure about it gonna work or not
  4. n0br4n

    Laptop beeping when use gpu

    Hello guys, I've a really weird problem. My laptop has started beeping when use nvidia gpu yesterday. I dissambled my laptop and tried to plug out every single hardware and test them one by one. There's 22 beeps and equal interval beetween them. It goes shutdown after that 22 beeps. My laptop is Clevo W650SJ and it uses Nvidia 840M gpu. That problem isn't causing because of windows or installed driver cos i tried to reinstall windows but it started to beeping when w10 installer check devices. Also I've bios password on startup , if i don't type password and hit the enter , it starts beeping after 10-15 sec. Also fan speed goes up to maximum and it doesn't slow down untill i shut it down or shutdown itself. If i use any program or run a game which uses nvidia gpu , it starts beeping but if i close the game on first beeps , beeping is stops. But fan speed still maxiumum until i shutdown to pc. I am looking a way to fix it. I didn't make any changes on my pc before than this problem.

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