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Sager p157sm beeping for a minute then turns off


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Hello everyone. Just got a used sager p157sm for a gpu upgrade project and noticed it beeps for a minute then shuts down by itself when under load. It does well when watching movies but when benchmarking the issue pops up. At first I thought it was the gpu so I unplugged it but still occurs. Now it's running only CPU and still does the same things after repasting. Temps of CPU remain along 80 - 87 degrees centigrade. I've cleaned system components and changed Ram modules and slots still nothing. Any help will be appreciated. 

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Hi, i'm having the same issue with you. But i did more than you but still not manage to solve it.
Mine is P150SM with GTX780M. Old but still rock solid until yesterday.
I've never touch the BIOS not the EC. It still at stock.
I've done re-pasting both CPU and GPU.
-I've tried re-seat the ram, i even remove both the ram and the problem still the same.
-I'm able to boot in windows 7, then it started to flash.
-Problem also happened on Bios.
-I've tried to boot with all mechanical drive, msata, RAM, even GPU removed.. and it still Beep and shutdown (No display due to no ram inserted).

-I'm about to purchase CPU and GPU fan replacement, which some suggested it can be the issue.

I read on another thread that for Clevo, if the bios unable to detect GPU it share the same error as Overheat.
So i not sure whether it's my GPU dying.. or the board or EC

FYI= I got HW monitor installed, the lowest temperature i got before it start beep are  CPU <37C and GPU <35C .

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Error occurs whether or not discrete gpu is installed. Removed the fan also and still has the error. I'm beginning to think it has to do with the board. Some people said they had their board replaced and it was cool. Some said the error started weeks after they purchased and some said years after. Was looking to purchase a 970m for it but now I'm changing my mind. Don't wanna change the system because of the removable CPU. 

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