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15" HP ENVY DV6T-7300 + GTX970@4Gbps+c-mPCIe2 (PE4C 2.1) + Win8.1 [syn4ps]

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Dear all,

For my curiosity and also because of GTA5, I decided to have a look at the eGPU option.

My laptop:

- HP ENVY dv6t-7300 Quad Edition

- i7 3630QM 2.4Ghz


- Geforce GT 635M dGPU, HD4000 iGPU

My eGPU:

- Geforce GTX 970 PNY

- PE4C v2.1a

- BeQuiet 400W PSU

- Dell external LCD





I did not use Setup1.x at all, my card is well detected, everything seems to be fine (I have just uninstalled the dGPU and rebooted)

Here are the steps I have taken:

- Dont plug the PE4C to your laptop yet

- Boot windows

- Disable the dGPU (GT635M in my case)

- Uninstal the drivers

- Reboot and verify it is still uninstalled

- Shutdown, plug in the PE4C

- Boot windows (for me, the 1st boot always crashes)

- Once windows is booted, install the nvidia drivers

- Reboot

- There you go!!! :D


And I got 8237 points with 3DMark 13! :D

My card is seen as a GT635M by 3DMark though... but who cares??


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Originally I had a problem with my original 450W PSU that I detail in the spoiler. The no name PSU was crap!!! A friend of mine borrowed me a BeQuiet 400W and now it works perfectly!!!


When I run a really low requirement game e.g. Counter Strike 1.6, everything works perfectly fine. But when I try 3DMark 13 or GTA5, then it crashes not even 1 second after the game starts (after loading) and the laptop reboots.

Here is a video that illustrates my problem:


I am not experienced at all with eGPU, so I am not able to find out what might the problem be. What do you think?



OK guys, it works now!!!! :D

So the no name PSU was crap!!! A friend of mine borrowed me a BeQuiet 400W and now it works perfectly!!!





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That is one of the big problems here... people use old PSUs, because the wattage seems fine. Seems like the old PSUs can't handle the crazy power consumption of modern cards. Like the GTX 970 is chaning it's power state multiple times per second!

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Hello syn4ps,

thank you for the sharing! I've the same laptop and i'm thinking to buy a Pe4c to do this very nice eGPU mod.

Where do you attached the mpci-e connector? instead of the wifi card ?

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