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GTX 675MX overclock problem


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No, show us the sensors tab. If you are throttling due to, say temperature for example, perfcap reason will show pink lines like this: http://gpuz.techpowerup.com/15/01/11/amc.png

It should happen when you hit 89C. I forgot to change my fan profile from quite mode and was wondering why I was dropping frames. oops :ops:

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So after the clean and re-pasting thermal helped me but i see another strange thing.

Gpu-Z and Nvidiainspectior, Memory clock is seems different. wht should i have to belive?[ATTACH=CONFIG]14182[/ATTACH]

Both are correct. GPU-Z sensor shows actual memory frequency, Inspector doubles it because DDR (double data rate).

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Btw, if you live in a mildly dusty place. I recommend opening, cleaning and repasting your laptop every few months. My place was in repair for like 3 months and I had to clean my laptop twice in that timespan for it to run smoothly.

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