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  1. Hey Prema,I have your last EC and BIOS for P150EMBut I want to change the Windows Key from right to left. Do I have to uninstall your BIOS and then install the other one or can I install it on top of everything?Best regards,
  2. I managed to install bios 1.00.04 and your modded 2.0, everything works nice and flawlessly. Thank you very much!
  3. I've played the closed beta (or was it open beta? can't remember) and I found it pretty bland also. Doesn't feel much like the offline games of the series and combat feels lacking. There are a lot of fun MMOs to play nowadays, though most are paid and will probably stay so, unlike TESO who was doomed to be free-to-play from the start.
  4. So, I have a P150EMx with Bios 1.00.03a KBC/EB 1.00.03 Do I have to upgrade to 1.00.04 before upgrading to anything else?
  5. Btw, if you live in a mildly dusty place. I recommend opening, cleaning and repasting your laptop every few months. My place was in repair for like 3 months and I had to clean my laptop twice in that timespan for it to run smoothly.
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