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  1. Thats really hot my 675MX in my P150EM if 85C on 100% load with 1000 Mhz overclock. open it and replace the thermal past i got around 15C lower when i replaced my thermal past on mine was kinda insane.
  2. okay so you install the Hot Key app and then his program ?
  3. nice but remember the 7970m is more a match to the 680m not 675mx
  4. hi perma i just wanted to say thanks first of all just flashed P150EM_17_11_PM_v2.rar bios and works great was just wantdering would it be posible to have a fast boot option? like i see some MB and Laptops have ?
  5. lol woow i guess this is gona look weak but hey 2nd fasted 675MX and i7 3630QM in 3dmark NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3630QM Processor,CLEVO P15xEMx
  6. wow that was Fast and yeah it works perfectly and also just wanted to tel you that on the previous version this time it worked fine just to let you know i had a bit of trouble with the Laptops sleep mode where the light dint go on again hat to refresh them this time seems like it fine now . Okay i had been thinking of stuff that could be added to make it better. the one thing i though would be really amazing but i don't know how had it would be to add is if you could make the keyboards 3 regains try to match the colour on the screen in the regain o most like ambient lighting but on keyboard. But like i said i don't know if it would even be possible as your app will need to know whats on the screen for that to happen.
  7. my webcam just worked with no drivers. Full HD video and 2.1MP pictures
  8. WOW i just want to say I am sooo glad i found this i was looking for something like this with better conntrol. on my Backlight was just wondering my bother has Alienware is there a way to get the Audio effect on his laptop ? - - - Updated - - - just wanted to let jou know that with mine that uses optumis it cant detect the temps for the GPU both Intel and NVIDIA
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