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Replacing M17x R3 motherboard get 0GFWM3, GFWM3, 5VYM9 or LA-6601P?


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Hi - I'm hoping that someone has some information that will help me on this.

I've gotten a 2nd hand M17xR3 system and I need to replace the motherboard.

System passes all tests with no errors but suffers on startup from insane beeping (usually 2, but can vary or be nonstop for several minutes) and I am also experiencing what appears to be occasional minor random data corruption.

Dell's info on the system indicates that this is an Alienware M17x R3 (Early 2011)

Symptoms lead me to believe that this MB is either suffering from ESD damage or has the defective Sandy Bridge** chipset that affected MBs on these systems release prior to March/April 2001 (Dell_reaching_fix_pcs_faulty_intel_chipset)

Current motherboard has PAR00 LA-6601P Rev:1.0(A00) stamped on it.

CPU is Intel i7-2670QM.

Out in the market I see 0GFWM3, GFWM3, 5VYM9 and LA-6601P parts for sale and can't seem to find any info on what the differences are.

I've contacted Dell about replacing the motherboard but not being the original owner of the laptop they will not give me any information or assistance.

These motherboards are not cheap and I'm concerned that I may buy a replacement that ends up having future issues.


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