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Weird iMac problem all of a sudden! Please help


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Hi Guys

I used to have a pretty aswesome iMac. 27', i7 with 16 GB RAM and even a 512 GB SSD. As you can tell, it use to blitz most of what I put it through. Two days ago though, for no apparent reason, it has started to crawl. It takes forever to boot up (really forever, like over 4 minutes) and it even takes about 30 seconds to open a Safari window. Sometimes, it just freezes up as well.

I am at my wit's end trying to figure out this problem. Don't live close to take it to have a Genius with a blue shirt look at it. Any suggestions on what I can do about this? I can't believe this is the same iMac that I was using just two days ago!

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Extremely slow speed is one of symptoms of faulty SSD. Check your files and its name. Also back up all your files before anything happen. (I recommend backing up all your files using time machine. Also back up frequently.)

Go to utilities and disk utility. Select your boot disk and click verify disk. When finished perform verify permission, too. Sometimes this will detect your problem and fix it.

Good luck.

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@RinconeLopez Sorry for reviving this thread after so many years but hopefully you kept this machine. If it is the dreaded dead GPU issue, it is now fixable with other more reliable MXM GPU options thanks to many contributions from this and other techie communities.

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