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  1. Has anyone tried vBIOS modding the SE versions of these maxwell cards to get them to work with graphics output? (i.e. M5000M vs M5000 SE)? SE versions look like downclocked, possibly headless versions for compute function only. I can’t find any info confirming if this restriction is in the BIOS or the card itself.
  2. TLDR: Use 1.8v flashing for Pascal GPUs @bagster Please keep us informed on your endeavor. In the US we have Thanksgiving break coming, so hopefully that means tinkering time. I have seen [email protected] resellers advertise Tesla M6 and miner cards like P106M in Dells, HPs, and Clevos using optimus and the iGPU, so what you are attempting is not complete nonsense. IIRC, Pascal might require 1.8v clip flashing to bypass some encryption nonsense that you might encounter using a software flash method. USE 1.8 volts!!! There were reports of BIOS damage from improper flashing. The hardware ID may be physically unchanged even after the flash, so modification of the driver INF can be performed to recognize the card in Windows. Linux is more forgiving of hardware ID mismatch so you may want a linux installation as another option to verify the card is functional.
  3. @RinconeLopez Sorry for reviving this thread after so many years but hopefully you kept this machine. If it is the dreaded dead GPU issue, it is now fixable with other more reliable MXM GPU options thanks to many contributions from this and other techie communities.
  4. TLDR: Are cheap ‘odd-duck’ MXM cards a waste of time? Should I stick with overpriced mainstream options listed above? @nikey22 I saw the parent thread on [email protected] as well as the sister thread for maxwell/polaris. The community and I appreciate your contributions. I’m currently trying to get a CHEAP, stable Windows build going on a dead 2011 iMac. What are your thoughts about trying retired HP server cards since they are still cheap and relatively available? HP M3000 SE (downclocked M3000M?) Tesla M6, or even P106M miner? Is it a waste of time?
  5. TLDR: Does anyone have experience using the ES BIOS or nonenduro modpack for a 2011 iMac? Sorry for necro-threading. I’m part way to resurrecting a defunct iMac using a 7970m I got off [email protected] In windows, I can get display on an external screen only, so I’m hoping the nonenduro BIOS mod pack or the ES BIOS in this thread is all I need to get this firing the internal iMac screen.
  6. I’m a little awkward. I hope I don’t get downvoted for not owning a PC for any reason other than to mod mxm GPUs to keep my aging iMac from the scrap heap.
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