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  1. Inception was confusing? Fell asleep 30 minutes into Camp Xray, didn't regret it. The first half of Fury was pretty good, but then I rewound it and realized who ever encoded it didn't use key frames, so I have to rewatch it from the beginning.
  2. Pretty good testing methodology there, but I don't think you'd notice the speed difference between ac and N unless you are doing some very specific things. If you are close enough to connect on a 5Ghz network, N is no slouch for most things we would be doing. If all you're doing is copying large files back and forth to a server, then you'd notice the difference for ac. That's literally the only case I can think of for ac at home, if you have a server in house. Otherwise you are going way over what your internet connection will do with N, so you wouldn't see any gain. I'm switching over to ac at work because we have to serve the public and we have a 350Mb pipe. If you have an ac device, I can deliver your data to you faster and get you off the air to make room for other users. At home, you wouldn't have that benefit. Even if you have 50 people connecting, your internet connection becomes the limiting factor. I'm not saying don't go for ac, but don't scrap your equipment just to get there now.
  3. Just plan on replacing your video card every 2-3 years. The base systems that you are picking out should be rock solid for years, but video card technology seems to make large jumps in performance that actually show up on your screen every couple years. This will especially bear out as more games and monitors support 4k. You'll probably be rocking that i7 for 5 or 6 years, but those video cards will be sold on ebay and replaced with nVidia Pascal based cards in 2016. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just one of the things you get used to with PC gaming.
  4. When the last few versions of Madden for PC were released, there was rampant pirating. We used to be able to get a hold of it pre release pretty easily. I think the NFL saw diminishing sales on the PC side and growing sales on the console side and made up their mind pretty easily. They could make it pretty secure now with Origin, but the NFL is pretty slow to react, so there probably won't be a change for a while, if ever. They probably also get cash straight from MS and Sony to keep it console only. I feel your pain. I'd built my first HTPC specifically with Madden on my TV in mind a few months before they went Console only. Madden is the reason that I bought a PS3 and PS4. It's the only game I own for PS4. It basically cost me $450 to play Madden this year.
  5. I hope you were able to score some CyberMonday deals to fill that part list out. Congratulations!
  6. It's not a reason based on specs, but BenQ is the official monitor of MLG. They know what they're doing.
  7. Just waiting for it to show up. I have an NZXT Gamma case with 4 120mm and 2 140mm Noctua fans running at their slowest speed. I pulled the rear top 140mm outside of the case and put a Corsair H60 radiator under it. The only thing left that is pretty audible is the vid card fan while gaming. I'm hoping that this will fix that issue. If not, I'm going to try to attach another Corsair CPU cooler to the gpu, but that's a little more involved than I want to get if it's not necessary. Plus, I had a TD rebate card from a while ago, so this was basically free.
  8. Sounds like you are trying to boot with the 4gb stick in slot2 and nothing in slot1. That won't work on a lot of motherboards.
  9. A second vote for Zero Assumption Recovery. You're doing something simple, but I used it to rebuild a RAID5 and recover 2TB of files. It worked like a charm.
  10. Sounds more like a rootkit infecting the 100MB Sys Reserved partition. Those will try to get in under a new OS install. You should run Diskpart from your Windows 7 CD. Figure out which disk your HD is and clean it: list disk select disk # clean Then you can reboot from the dvd and reinstall. If you're still infected after that, tell us what adult sites that you visit so we can all stay away from them.
  11. The 4k Star Wars trailer on youtube was sweet! Gopro has some crazy footage too.
  12. Any experience with this? Got it for $10 on a BF deal. Hoping it will make my gaming rig a little quieter without compromising much(or any) performance..
  13. We just got a 4k 78" TV in the office. Before putting it through its paces, I was skeptical, but now I want 4k everywhere.
  14. Boot into the recovery partition and clone your SSD to a USB drive. Even a crappy USB drive shouldn't be that slow. If the USB drive is fast, Time Machine the SSD, wipe it and reinstall. Also, see if your SSD has a TRIM utility for Macs.
  15. Back it up with Time Machine, restart holding down the Option key and go into the recovery partition, erase the hard drive and reinstall 10.9 from a usb drive, then do a migration from the Time Machine backup.
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