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m17xr5 (Laptop) - no Bass after installation of new sound drivers

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Hello there, just wanna ask for some advice because i have no idea wha to do...

1 year ago i bought m17xr5 laptop (2013 model) with sound was everything without problem. But 3 days ago i installed last drivers from Dell support page and after this i lost my bass in songs, games etc... Have no idea what happened, because i tried install again back my old drivers - same problem. From old WIN x64 US ultimate tried install W8.1 Pro - still same problem (checked with windows default drivers, checked with last driver for 8.1). So i looked at some pages and found this: ePSA


So i tried this through epsa, everything was ok, but when i tried check that choice "perform quick audio check" so i did not hear any beep sound. The weird is in windows i can normal listen music, play games or watch movies, but i still without bass.

Is subwoofer btw in this model of laptop or not? 'cause i downloaded owner's manual and i found just how to remove speakers but no subwoofer.

In settings for sound i've got normal Realtek High Definition Audio - configuration - stereo, because if i try 5.1 settings i can hear just left and right speaker but subwoofer no.

I've got the latest driver from Dell Support pages, i checked settings in Windows drivers, Dolby, and Realtek. Still same. Yesterday i listened some music through YouTube on Lenovo laptop of my friend, she's got Dolby Home Theatre V4 btw (on W7 i had this too, in 8.1 is Dolby Home Plus - problem was on W7 and on 8.1 too) and that sound was soo natural. Not flat without life if u know what i mean.

I can hear perfect voices but that drums are so flat... (cannot better explain, i tried check equalizer in Windows Media Player and Dolby - it's still same)






Sorry just for links, i wanted insert here some thumbnails, but dunno how :)

And btw nothing from this doesn't explain, why i don't hear in ePSA that beep sounds

P.S. And something new, when i listen some music and pause it, after play again that sound is like without some equalizer, completely without life. So i don't know.... I guess so i've got problems with drivers, but in this case, i am confused, why through ePSA i can't hear that beep sounds :(

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