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Dell 7970M stuck at 450/300


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One solution would be to go into the bios and see if there are any options you can change for the video card, such as disabling power savings, or you could download a GPU overclocking tool like AMD Overdrive and see if you can change the clock speeds that way. If neither of those work, try editing the vbios to force clock speeds.

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Vbios probably locked, try ATIFlash, boot from usb and use:

atiflash -unlockrom 0

(where 0 is your adapter id, it's likely 0, but to be sure use "atiflash -i" first)

Did 7970m V bios start to get locked? This unlocks the vbios?

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The OP had 2 threads. Not sure where the other went, but the card was locked to low-power 3d clocks for some reason. I wrote a version with the low-power 3d overclocked (triple mem clocks) and tested it on my own card, sent it to the OP and the OP had vanished :(

On the bright side, my card now performs over 2x better on battery.

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You don't; you change the power scheme by forcing "Maximize Performance" even on battery. Check the driver settings for that, but if you can't find them (or it's hidden), this is the direct approach (driver does the same thing):

Run in command "powercfg /q > c:\somefilename.txt" and in the output you'll see something like this:

Subgroup GUID: f693fb01-e858-4f00-b20f-f30e12ac06d6  (ATI Graphics Power Settings)
Power Setting GUID: 191f65b5-d45c-4a4f-8aae-1ab8bfd980e6 (ATI Powerplay Settings)
Possible Setting Index: 000
Possible Setting Friendly Name: Maximize Battery Life
Possible Setting Index: 001
Possible Setting Friendly Name: Maximize Performance
Current AC Power Setting Index: 0x00000001
Current DC Power Setting Index: 0x00000000

That "Current DC Power Setting Index: 0x00000000" is your lower clock; change it to "1" and you're done (run "powercfg /?" for the proper switches). After doing this the battery drain is now roughly twice as high, of course.

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