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Best Place to Sale a 5 Month Old Notebook

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Where do you think I'd get the most money for a used notebook, only five months old? Should I go the eBay route? Craigslist (which I've never used before...too many weirdos)? Or is there another option?

I've looked on eBay and found some new Y510p notebooks, but I didn't find any used ones to compare what I'm wanting vs reality. Just need a little advice, perhaps someone here has sold a slightly used notebook before.


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Ebay is probably less risk if you document everything but subject to bizarre ebay and paypal fee.

Craiglist price can be higher but take time and more risk.

Forum trade is usually in the middle of above.

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Unless you can find a friend or relative that really really wants your system, or you have a system that is hard to find there really isn't one place or another these days that will net you a substantial increase in price. Everyone price shops, everyone knows how to use google to find the best deals. Chances are there are 100s if not 1000s others selling theirs and every sequential sale drives the price a little lower because they want to sell theirs first!

I hate t say it but its just one of those things. Your going to take a kick in the groin when it comes time to sell it. You just have to figure it into your purchase and replacement scheme/plans. I've been going over the very same question myself on upgrading to a 8970m/780m, upgrading to a whole new system - or just waiting another year before I do either, probably the later.

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I'd check out some websites like Worth Monkey - The blue book for used electronics and more! that give you an idea for price, then put it out there and see if anyone bites. Might have to go below market value slightly to get it sold.

- - - Updated - - -

Thought I'd add that if it's only 5 months old, it should still have 7 months of factory warranty at least. Let potential buyers know that if there is anything wrong, it's under warranty. To me that's what most people are most worried about when buying something used.

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I would say craigslist. Just don't ship it anywhere. Scammers like to use the US Military tactic and say they are on a base somewhere in the US and want you to ship it. I have seen this done with not just laptops but all sorts of goods. Really sad that these people outside of our country use our military against people like that. Local and craigslist seems to work best if you want to avoid fee's of ebay/paypal.

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