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Is this?


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Is this Mod being cute or does it mean it? Problem is that is he joking he has a terrible sense of humor and if he is not then he doesn't belong in a moderator position, my 2 cents.

posted by DR650SE

NBR Lead M0derat0r

An Official maxed out M18x is on it's way to NBR for complete and thorough testing. Anyone who opposes or argues against my opinions on it in the review will be banned. I will not tolerate and foolish behavior from people who do not see eye to eye with me.

Let me just remind you. I AM KING HERE! Thanks and have a nice day.

"people who doesn't see eye to eye with me" uh? does he has a Hitler complex? Do we need to send the 101 airborne division?

Honestly I hope he joking and I am the one who doesn't get the joke being new an all.

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Uhm, I see maybe I need to pay more attention next time. You are right his name is blue color(normal user) instead of the customized color. Then I have to say he is not funny he is hilarious.

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  • Founder

lol that's just dr650se having fun during NBR's "identity switch" day (aka multiple personalities day)..yeah they actually had that. :rolleyes:

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