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Benchmarking Applications, Games and Utilities


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There has been requests by some for a centralized area to download popular benchmarks and utilities. We've listened and compiled a list of programs we think will come in useful for measuring your gaming systems performance. We welcome suggestions by our community members for other programs/games/utilities and will take popular requests into account and add them.

Gaming Benchmarks Download Links
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyrat Download
Unigine 'Heaven' DX 11 Benchmark Download version 2.5
Resident Evil 5 Benchmark Utility Download
Lost Planet 2 Benchmark Download
Devil May Cry 4 Benchmark Download
Tom Clancy's: HAWX 2 Benchmark Download

Benchmark Applications Download Links
3DMark 11 Download
3DMark Vantage Download v1.0.1
PCMark Vantage Download v1.0.2 build 1901
Fraps Download
GPU-Z Download

Benchmark Utilities Download Links
ThrottleStop 3.00.1 Download
HWInfo32 Download v3.70
HD Tune Download
Sapphire Trixx Download v4.21
WPrime Download v1.55
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hi, I want to download, ThrottleStop 3.00.1, but it tells me I have no permission to download, I actualize my status to T, this is my receipt from paypal, thanks

19 feb 2013 11:45:55 PST Id. de transacción: 4J7127719U4979209
[FONT=arial]Apreciable serhan el reda gachan:

Ha enviado un pago por valor de $5.00 USD a Tech|Inferno

Esta transacción puede tardar unos momentos en aparecer en su cuenta. [H][/HR]
Comercio PayPal Tech|Inferno Instrucciones para el vendedor Usted no ha dado ninguna instrucción al vendedor.
Descripción Precio por unidad Cantidad Importe
T|I Elite Member Upgrade Subscription N.º de artículo 05f73d5ea28aa22d9f79d90af03a65f8 $5.00 USD 1 $5.00 USD
Subtotal $5.00 USD
Total $5.00 USD
Pago $5.00 USD
El cargo aparecerá en el estado de cuenta de su tarjeta de crédito como «PAYPAL *TECHINFERNO»
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