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Hitman Absolution Benchmark Contest


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So the game has some pretty sweet graphics, lets see how our systems fare. First up is my M18x with the specs + clocks in my sig.


1. Keep control panel (e.g. CCC or NVCP) at default quality settings.

2. Use 1920x1080 px resolution.

3. Try to use the latest driver available (Catalyst 12.11 beta 8 + Geforce 310.64 beta). If you prefer using WHQL you may.

You may OC as high as your system will allow and post your results.

Game settings

Ultra Preset (everything turned up all the way and all checkboxes ticked) + 8X MSAA:


Ultra Preset + 4xMSAA:


High Preset + 4xMSAA:


We will look at the avg + min fps since the max can vary from test to test.

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whats the prize for this contest???? better be enough to cover the cost of an xm chip, hahahah

The winner of the contest is obligated to post a NSFW hot chick pic in the hot chick thread. So you don't win a prize, you give one to everyone else that lost. :D

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