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help with clevo p170em


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hello everyone, I've been facing a problem with my Clevo p170em, my keyboard is completely misconfigured, the f7 key is in place of the left arrow (<-), the space changed with tab, some keys are listed as undefined, and several others are changed , and it has been like this for a long time, time and again it returns to normal after restarting several times. Has anyone ever experienced this ? Recently my machine started to restart itself after a few minutes (approximately 30 to 40 minutes), it goes into hibernation by itself the first few times, then it restarts completely. For both problems I did the formatting, but the problem was not resolved. Is there a way to test it to see if it could be the BIOS or hardware?

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The best way to check if the problem is caused by corrupted BIOS is to re-flash it (ideally using hardware programmer like CH341A and other BIOS chips). If it won't help - I guess the problem is caused by faulty hardware (for example,  EC IT8518E - this IC is responsible for a lot of functions such keyboard keys processing and power states management)

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Finally, I ended up taking it to the technician and I had already bought SSD, memory and another video card for him, and reported the problems. The additions of the parts were made, along with the formatting, and updating of the appropriate drivers, it also said that the keyboard was misconfigured and the configuration was done within the operating system itself. Anyway, that was it. Thanks for the answers!

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