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  1. Yes, I managed to find someone online with the same model who could dump their bios for me.
  2. talk bout timing. At the exact same time (8 mins ago) I managed to find someone on Reddit with my model and they managed to give me a dump of their bios. Although, theirs was also 6MB. Im wondering why theirs worked and not anything else i've tried.
  3. thanks for taking the time out of your day to respond. Unfortunately (again), this didn't work. Is this a bios pulled from the manufacture website? or a dump you got somewhere? From my understanding, the bios files on the website do not have the required sectors to flash and it needs to be a dump from the same model. If its the former then I guess i need to keep looking. if its the latter then I guess im screwed.
  4. A part of my BIOS got corrupted that controls my laptops backlights. Other methods like the Gary Key fix did not work for me because I do not get any light up during post. i followed this guide that says I need to extract and use the 6MB portion of an 8MB bios dump, only AFUWIN tells me "Error, ROM file size does not match existing BIOS size which is because my laptop BIOS size is only 5.87MB. I don't need to flash the whole BIOS, I only need to flash a portion of it. I've searched everywhere online for a dump of my laptop model but non exist that I know of.
  5. Thanks for responding! Unfortunately, this didn't work either. It seems that it only works if your keyboard already lights up during post. Edit: I found this thread but im not sure that I fully understand it
  6. I fiddled around with modding my laptops BIOS to unlock XMP profiles and hopefully seeing if optimus could be disabled. After flashing my modded bios and trying it out, I noticed that my keyboards backlight no longer turns on. I was unaware it requires an official BIOS to function. They backlights wont turn on unless ASUS ATK package is installed but now it seems it also needs an official BIOS? The modded ROM and tool I used if anyone has any experience with this and doesn't mind telling me what to enable/disable, or anything else i can do to re-enable them
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