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M17x R3 - rubber (?) coating extremely sticky??


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Hi all


Do any of you guys have an R3 where the rubber-like coating on the chassis and wristpads have become extremely sticky?


I cannot get that sticky stuff to go away - it seems like it was a sort-of-cover that was put on top of the rubber that has now wanished over the course of time.

Some suggested to try a product called "Mothers VLR (Venyl, Leather and Rubber) but that does not work. Well sort of.. It sure cleans the surface extremely well, but the stickyness stays there.


I ended up rubbing away the rubber coating on the wrist pads - took a damn while... :dispirited:


Am I the only one with that problem?

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9 hours ago, Rengual said:

Mine is sliky too. I will try Spiritus for a total remove. There is also a YouTube video.

I think this is the best Option.

Yeah, I've also tried isopropyl alcohol with no luck. Total removal is the best way.

Which youtube video are you referring to?

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The Soft-touch is like a resin that is applied to the plastic on the palmrest and LCD lid. Once it gets sticky then there is no way to reverse it, removal is the only option (other than a skin). To remove it I've found the best way is with a solvent cleaner and a plastic scraper/pry tool. It is an extremely messy job and can take a while to do properly. 

I have done it a few times now on machines that I have resprayed. 

If you remove it carefully then it's possible to just use the laptop as is with the black plastic as the palmreast or you can respray it. Here is a link to one I've done recently.





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