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Which AMD product are you excited about?


Which AMD product are you excited most about?   

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  1. 1. Which AMD product are you excited about and plan to buy?

    • AMD 5000 series CPU
    • AMD 6800
    • AMD 6800 XT
    • AMD 6900 XT
    • AMD X570 motherboard

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So AMD is back and in a big way, let us know which products you're most excited about and plan to build. Personally I have a 5950X, ASUS Dark Hero X570 motherboard, and soon an AMD 6900 XT GPU. First time in a very long time for an all AMD build! 

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I actually did buy a 5800X shortly after release for £440 during the shortage/squeeze, now available for £200 less. In fact, the 5800X3D is available cheaper than what I paid. I have the MSI MPG X570 Pro Carbon Gaming, 32GB 4000mhz memory, 3tb between 2 m.2 pcie 4.0 drives and a single 8TB mech drive (shockingly empty).

My GPU is Nvidia (first Nvidia card in about a decade. I strangled my R9 290 for 7-8 years before finally making the jump. The marketing was real. I thought i wanted Ray-Tracing and believed that the 3080 was a bargain considering the huge jump over the last gen cards etc. I actually gamed more, enjoyed it more and was just far more enthusiastic when I had the Radeon :lol:

For my bedroom I later built an R5 3600/B450 system for media and later gaming for the other half and I realized just how good a 3600 still is for sooo much less.

Brian, are you immediately going over to 7xxx series or sticking around on the 5950?

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