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This Forum is quite dead, isn't it?

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Hi, I just joined the forum a lately and yet nowhere a new reply to anything. So I assume that this in my opinion quite interesting forum is pretty dead. Proof me wrong guys. 

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On 6/15/2018 at 12:54 PM, Logan said:

Hi, I just joined the forum a lately and yet nowhere a new reply to anything. So I assume that this in my opinion quite interesting forum is pretty dead. Proof me wrong guys. 


Not really @Logan. There were some who just visited the site and posted their comments. 

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Perhaps the question you asked was not informative enough *cough* to be able to answer off the bat... also... we're humans as well... not robots just waiting for you to ask us questions, just wanting to answer you.

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    • By Abdkassem
      I sent my laptop (MSI GT60-0ND) to check up and the video card was confirmed dead, I learned that I can upgrade my GPU, but I can't take a step without any help. Many told me its risky and the market is tight.
       ^I found this card, GTX 680M, and it looks absolutely the same one as (GTX 675M) and the slot is compatible, however due to reviews, the 680M is way faster than my previous one, if that poses any threat. If someone can check it for me and tell me whether its good or not, I'd appreciate it.
    • By jacquesjones
      Hi everyone, 
      I'm in quite the pickle at the moment. My GPU nvidia GTX 570m has finally given up after 4 long years of use. I have tried new thermal paste, as well as the oven baking method but to no avail. I have been searching around the internet hoping to find a replacement, but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any used ones around ebay or any used market places. My only solution seems to be: find a compatible card, or buy a new laptop. I'm not in a good financial position right now to purchase a new laptop so a used one seems to be the only option. 
      I am looking for something to just plug and play. I do not have experience nor access to tools to modify a heatsink in any way. I could possibly flash the BIOS, but as I mentioned earlier my GPU is dead and all I have is a black screen. I'm not sure if I can access the bios without a GPU. AFAIK, there is no integrated gpu in my laptop. There's also information about buying the correct card... I.E Clevo, Dell etc.
      There is only so much information I can process and interpret based off user's experiences. I'm not looking for a top of the line card, just something comparable to the 570m. What do you guys suggest? I would like to stay under CAD $300 with shipping and/or possibly a modded heatsink if I need one. 
      Thank you in advance
    • By marpo
      my M15x seems dead for no obvious reasons, simply one day worked, the other day not. No liquid inside. Battery is very old so I use notebook without it.
      The symptoms are that it does almost nothing. When I press power button, nothing happens. Sometimes, when I hold the power button, it blinks twice (the power button only).
      After some checks I suspected the motherboard so I bought a new one from ebay, reinstalled everything but it behaves the same. It could be faulty too but the probability to have two motherboards with the same issue is very little.
      I tried to run it without RAMs, with different AC adapter, no change. Now I'm guessing that the CPU could be dead. But don't want to waste another money just like that so I hope someone from you, experts, could face the same earlier and I can learn from it.
      Do you know how M15x behaves when CPU is completely removed? And what if GPU is removed? This could help me to isolate the origin of problem.
    • By inferno1005
      Hi, hoping to get some help with my laptop as this seems to be the most active forum for these old laptops.
      Some background :
      I have been having issues with the bios on my laptop for some time, the boot order selection screen decided to populate itself with many of the same option as seen below in the picture

      I figured that returning to the optimized defaults would reset the boot options, but it has no effect.
      I have also cleared the CMOS by removing the power from the backup battery to the mother board and holding the power button to drain whatever was left. No dice.
      Eventually I decided that flashing the bios would be a good idea, it wasn't.
      I created a freedos bootable cd ( cd because for whatever reason my laptop would not boot from any windows/dos based usb, linux images boot fine) and flashed the bios provided from msi's website for this laptop. The flash went fine, but upon rebooting the bios were not fixed. After another boot the laptop's power button would just flash, not booting into anything or spinning the fans.
      Frustrated I left the laptop alone for a week.
      I have decided to start working on it again, I cleared the CMOS like before a loh and behold the laptop booted into the bios and then into a bootable cd! Yippie!
      After some rebooting it became clear that the laptop would not boot into the bios any more. So what do I decided to do? Clear the cmos again as it seems to be the thing preventing a good boot.... this worked 3 times.
      Current status:
      As of right now the laptop refuses to boot into bios, it just sits at a blank screen, but the power button is not flashing and the cd drive sounds like it spins up.
      I am thinking of reflashing the bios to see if this does anything, using the blind-flash method mentioned in the stickied post for the unlocked bios.
      What is worrying me the most at the moment is that when I push the power button, the laptop powers on for half a second and then shuts off. If i power it back on right after it shuts itself off, it remains on, but still not booting into anything.
      If anything needs to be clarified please ask, and shoot me ideas on how to fix. Like I said it seems like this forum is my last hope before having to send it in, which won't happen any time soon as I am a broke college student at this point.
      TLDR: Bios were screwed up, flashed bios, thought it bricked, cleared cmos, booted fine once, failed to boot, cleared cmos again, nothing working now. Help Please!
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