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  1. I have R1 not R2; but this leaves questions for you to answer for more help... Does it post? What happens when you apply power to it? Power, black screen? Black screen with backlight? Beeps x8? End of excitement? Have you tried downgrading bios to OG, via the SATA port method? Just another M18x owner trying to pay it forward...
  2. I was wondering is there a way to boot into UEFI or EFI with stock bios, and or does the modded Bios allow for Windows 10 to install under UEFI /EFI conditions? I've installed W10 a few times, and don't seem to be able to get the R1 board to boot via USB, so I'm hoping for a way to install via BD with drivers on a USB thumb-drive for raid and such... I figure this is the best way to do this, but how does UEFI play into the mix? Are there any ways to get UEFI going without it hindering the performance of the computer? Thanks~
  3. MemoryThief

    This Forum is quite dead, isn't it?

    Perhaps the question you asked was not informative enough *cough* to be able to answer off the bat... also... we're humans as well... not robots just waiting for you to ask us questions, just wanting to answer you.
  4. MemoryThief

    Who own this forum?

    <.< Being a Web-Admin myself; the chances that you have of meeting the 'owner' of the site is much greater than the slim chance you may have of buying the site. Despite the principal of 'having enough money to throw at something will get you what you want'; owning and running the site are not the same thing... nor is administrating the site. This may be more complicated than there being just one owner as well... perhaps there is a group of owners or a collective owns the site. Either way, good luck trying to buy the years of relationships and work from hundreds of users; usually the value of this sort of thing still isn't even comparable to the sentimental value of having experienced it play out and many people who do own the sites/forums generally rarely sell the site/forums due to this fact. Sounds like you could use something from the site itself... why not ask about that???
  5. Holy Crêpes, This is good news, I only have an R1 but I wonder when the 2060 will be available and able to be modded into these hacked Bios... then we get raytracing and this old machine is as good as new in most game's eyes!!! Unlocked here I come!! (Post 5 [Hopefully decent posts ;3])
  6. MemoryThief

    M18X R2

    Well, you can downgrade the Bios, at will and upgrade... I believe from memory that you downgrade to be able to bypass some future restriction in power or something, then upgrade a hacked bios that doesn't have the restriction or something... I didn't pay too much attention because I'm on R1... and haven't tried to upgrade the now old computer... Honestly with that new 1060 that was just confirmed possible, I'd say that's the way to go... however you say you DON"T want to replace the graphics cards... I'm unsure how far you can get trying to over clock them and or overheat them to death before you want to actually swap them out... I dunno what you can do in that case... Modding the Bios only won't give you much or any improvement without any hardware modifications I'm pretty sure... Hope you find out something...
  7. MemoryThief

    m18x r2 8970m - Laptop Shuts down

    Did you install the graphic card's drivers? Also, did you ensure that it's a video card that was OEM to that Mobo, if it's a newer card you might need the unlocked drivers for it to be stable... and h20 is onto something here with the temps... if the temps are fine then you're install was ok and it's either software or otherwise, but if not, then you might need to retry your install and or thermal application.
  8. So, which Bios are you on? I forgot which but either A03 or A04 fixes this whole 8 beeps thing... I decided to flash them in order from 2-5 just to be sure, because I went from 2 straight to 4 and had some issues with it's stability... but that's just my paranoia perhaps... Anywho, what you need to do is install the Alienware software on the OS, which is both the On Screen Display drivers and the Alienware Command Center (and also install the drivers for the intel graphics as well, you'll want them...) then once you have them installed and reboot a time or two... then on the laptop you have a special key combo... FN+F7 which will during the OS idle change the system to switch from internal graphics to dedicated graphics... For some odd reason in the Bios, it only shows either one or the other, whichever one is active, you never see both integrated and discrete. Hope that helps...
  9. MemoryThief

    240w not enough?

    It's enough to charge the laptop while off and charge; 240w is enough to keep mostly charged while using, but it's not enough to keep the system from drawing from the battery slowly until it's dwindling down to nothing... I just got a hand-me-down M18x R1 and was using my buddies 240w until my ordered 330w came in the mail... after about 2-3 weeks of use I've noticed that yes under medium loads it does fairly fine as long as you're not overclocked or anything in the bios. But in terms of a long haul, it wouldn't keep it's charge while on, nor would it be able to charge at all unless it was all the way off, or in some sleeping state. I'd say deal with the heavy brick and carry that weight a long time~ I doubt any sort of driver tinkering or power setting magic is going to help there otherwise... but if you magically do have it work out somehow, do indulge us~

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