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Looking to overclock P771ZM-G GTX970m


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I will be taking apart my laptop soon to clean it up a bit and apply some new thermal paste.
Figured while I am trying to get some lower temps on my cpu and what I might give overclocking the GPU a try to squeeze out a little bit more perfomance out of them.


Started looking around and found that the clocks have a hard limit on stock vbios.

Was looking to unlock that and found these forums. 


Since I am in no hurry as of yet, the 1 week pre-promotion is a moot point for me at the moment.

But honestly part of this post is to get promoted so I can download the files I want.


Apart from that do you guys have tips or can you guide me to info on overclocking?

I checked out some videos, the files I want to download come with instructions, so I should be good on that. 

However things like figuring out what the optimal overclocking settings are, what to look out for and what not. If you guys have tips on that please let me know.


If anyone else has the same model/gpu as mine; I would appreciate any tips!





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Oh boy, It's been over 3 years when you posted. Still hope that you achieved good results in OC anyways. Is there any tips/guide you found helpful? I also have P771ZM-G with i5-4690K and GTX 970m, Any suggested and stable clock and voltage? Temps you find safe?


If @fatihG is not here anymore, then maybe someone have own thoughts/experience?


Looking forward to hear from you :)

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