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  1. Hi everyone! I am sharing same problem with locked vBIOS for GTX 970m 6GB. Trying not to do same thing as @hawkjarrett did. At first Ive found 970m slv vbios and I was extremely happy, but now I am little confused and don't want mess with not verified (in terms of match) vBios. @Klem may I ask you to take a look at my vBios, and check If you can somehow unlock it for OC (it is a big waste of potential at the moment)? Laptop is Hyperbook X17-G (polish reseller of Clevo P771ZM-G1), GPU is GTX 970m 6GB. If you can help we can post modified vBios in this thread for other users (or just PM me). Original vBios: https://www.sendspace.com/file/vk2okq BTW, after looking through different threads I can see that you are truly some sort of Magician
  2. Oh boy, I can remember how hyped everyone was about the TITAN. Its been over 4 years now, and if we consider RTX 2xxx & RTX 3xxx it feels more like 10 years. What an exciting time to live in (despite this ugly 2020 in terms of COVID)
  3. Nice spam up there However, who would thought that Nintento Switch would be such successfull console especially after terrible Wii U (terrible in terms of sales). We are in the middle of Nintendo Gen, with 4 years more to go. Looking forward if this year we will see Switch Pro. Concept of Switch sound very cool, and after few years we can say for sure, it was also very cool in real life Actually I am owner of NS for 6 months now, and idea of having most of my fav. pc games on to go (+First Party Games) is great
  4. Oh boy, It's been over 3 years when you posted. Still hope that you achieved good results in OC anyways. Is there any tips/guide you found helpful? I also have P771ZM-G with i5-4690K and GTX 970m, Any suggested and stable clock and voltage? Temps you find safe? If @fatihG is not here anymore, then maybe someone have own thoughts/experience? Looking forward to hear from you
  5. Hi everyone! From what I see there are a lot of newcomers looking for custom vBios. I won't lie that I came here looking specifically for tech community, at first. I am looking forward to tweak my GTX 970m, because from what i see, there is a lot of thermal space. I am owner of Hyperbook X17-G (CLEVO P770ZM-G1 - polish reseller with own brandin). I am proud father of litle baby girl - what implies, that there is not many time to develop own passion, but I really believe that I can learn a lot from this community Looking forward to have my own contribution to the community Cheers Guys!
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