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  1. i'm curious to see how you have done that too
  2. Hello everyone just a little question. i've just flash my p751dm2-g with the backed's bios and i gonna overclock it of course but i don't know how to clear cmos on this laptop. i have find nothing about it in the manual so i ask here. Thanks
  3. hello the bios chip is generaly near the button cell i can't get picture without the piece of platic on the motherboard so i can't indicate you the position but if you can send me a picture of your mb without the platic i will be able to tell you where is your bios chip
  4. hello everyone Thomas from france i love olverclocking and modding i've recently buy a clevo laptop and i came here to share some things ect
  5. he don't talk about ht but hpet high precision event timer
  6. personaly is because you have a desktop cpu which can be overclock and a mxm gpu all the component on the laptop are upgradable and it's nice cause i don't really like the new laptop with fully solder components.
  7. for me it's a corrupted bios or a short circuit on the board
  8. hello i know it's an old post but did you try to lap the cpu it can help to have lower temp and if it's an daily overclock i personaly don't use occt cause it's too "extreme" and and the cpu will not does task like occt does in the stress in his daily use like many avx intruction ect i preffer run cinebench 21 in loop and see if it's crash or cause instability
  9. ya i can't download the file :/ i will wait until the promotion
  10. Hello everyone I'm new on this forum and i'm new with clevo laptop. I've recently buy a second hand laptop a clevo p751dm2-g with a i7 6700k and a 1070 mxm and unfortunatly the bios is locked i can't overclock my cpu or my ram. :sadge: So i wanted to know if you guys on this forum have alternative solution to oc your cpu and your ram with a locked bios. Thanks
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