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GTX 860m not giving 100%


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Hi ,

I have MSI GT 60 ONC  670m graphics. I upgraded my laptop to 860m but unlucky it seems like doasn'trwork 100% . Graphics 860m it's second hand and it'scame from dell. Seller told me like formy Msi notbook need install vga bios wchich he did. I didcheck card graphics with cpu z , msi kombustor and many diffrent programs . Card gRAPHICS  looks like its working max temp is 60c . but when I try play any games i have less fps then i Had on 670m. Let say PlayerUnknow Battleground on my 670m i Had 30-35 fps  on 860m i Have 20 max 25 fps please help me

P.S sorry for english

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not all cards are the same, and the 670, I am wondering now if it was a 675M which were the 580M rebrands. That would only be as powerful as a 770M or 870M, in which case a 860M would most of the time be slower. 


You could overclock it and run it at like 80C with a 20% OC or something..  

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I done oc as well but doesn't make any diffrence. Even benchmark test show me only 1970 score . Even benchmark score is low 1970kt. I run that card with win 7 as well but still same. I spoke with svet from MSI and He Told me as well  "card is not working on 100%  .Is possible like vbios on card is wrong one?

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Well 860m came in two different versions,

GM107 witch is Maxwell based with 640 cuda cores and GK104 Kepler witch have 1152 cores

On screens shoot U posted i can see 915 MHz on core so if U didnt oc it should be kepler

But on the same screen i cant see any throtling core is stable so duno why u got worst results

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