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Please help me to mod and flash my Nvidia GTX 960M VBios,overclock it and fix the throttling issue!


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Hi to all,

I am new to this forum,and I need some help!

I own a Lenovo Y-700-15ISK laptop with Nvidia GTX 960M 4 GB GDDR5 GPU.

I would like to get this GPU's VBios and overclock it!

And I would also like to resolve one issue!

Lenovo have set my GPU to start throttling when it hits 67 degrees Celsius,which is pretty annoying!

When I have just started playing GTA V for an example,the GPU reaches that 67 degrees Celsius for less than a minute,and then starts throttling!

And the GPU's throttling temp in this laptop's BIOS can not be set,because it's locked,and there is no way to unlock that BIOS so far!

Is there a way I can set the GPU throttling to a temperature higher than 67 degrees Celsius, when I will flash the GPU's VBios?

And I would also like to know which OC values are best for my GPU,I mean the best reccommended!The OC value for the core clock is limited to max +135 MHz in this moment!
Can I pass that limit?

And I would please to someone give me a step by step tutorial (it would be great if it is a video tutorial!)for getting the VBios and flashing it!

And is there a way I can get back the unmodified VBios if I want to?


p.s My OS is Win 10 x 64 bit

Please help me!

Thanks to all in advance!

Best regards!

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8 minutes ago, DellThinkpad said:

67° and throttling?!?! Sounds crazy to me^^
Are you able to set throttling-value in MSI Afterburner?

I don't know how to set the throttling value in MSI Afterburner!

And I claim that Lenovo have set the GPU throttling at 67 degrees Celsius in the BIOS,but the BIOS can not be modified so far!

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Many users who own the same laptop model have reported that!
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I have run Valley benchmark and MSI Kombustor,and the max temp the GPU reached was 67 degrees Celsius,and then it started to go down!

And it is the same when I play games!

Just 1 minute of playing GTA V,the temp monitored in the OSD of MSI Afterburner reach 67 degrees Celsius and then goes down! 


Also here you are links from Lenovo forums where other users of this laptop's model have reported the GPU throttling at 67 degrees Celsius:






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