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Y510p RAM upgrading


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Does anyone know if I can smack 2x16gb(32gb) ddr3l sodimm into the y510p without issue?

Yes the documentation states it's upgradable to 16gb maximum, but surely that's bs, I mean the 4700Mq is capable of 32gb RAM so what's the problem?

I read some speculation online on various forums, but can anyone confirm it is possible? I'm just scared to buy the RAM if it's not going to work.


InB4 "you don't need that much RAM"

I do.

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That's why price is to much for that much memory.

why ??


It's not worth it 

I sit comfortably with 16gb on all my laptops and have yet to have any concerns calling that I do not have enough memory.

The 4700mq is yes capable of handling that 32gb worth of memory but will you use it all doubt full..



Just saying 250 plus dollars for maximum memory and that's hoping that it will work..


Nah id pass and just go faster memory and oc it and have the ssd's instead 

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Just make sure you can return it if it doesnt work out.


4700mq can handle it, but the chipset from lenovo I am unsure of...there are others who inquired but no one ever checked back on the forum to state their results...


Best of luck!



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On 29/03/2017 at 7:05 PM, freak123 said:

It's for my after effects work dude, it uses tons of RAM. I already know I need it, just wondering if it would work or not.


So what was the outcome?

I had never managed to hear back from anyone and also need the upgrade :D


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