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  1. Hey guys, my y510p died because I used too much Liquid metal and left it. I have a 755m5 and ultrabay adapter and would like to sell them together, naturally, I have the parts from the y510p as well (battery, modded heatsink, 8GB RAM, etc). The more I can sell the better! Shoot me with PM's for offers if your interested. I wont undercut Gerald on the adapter as he does amazing work but I am in the US so shipping will be much cheaper
  2. Anyone got a dual GPU just to see if any Dual GPU's will work? Im pretty curious about that, they seem to not work on the mpcie/EC adapters... Thanks for sharing on the RX 580, gives me hope that Vega should work well...
  3. With the fan mod and also changing the TIM to Grizzly Conductonaut. I can push the single 755m to around 1320Mhz on the core and top temps are about 67c @ 1.2v World record is 1280 I think, so thats cool lol Though the main purpose of this is to reduce CPU temps but it will be difficult to do that with the CPU and GPU heatpipes joined with thermal adhesive so I can do a proper test after having the 755m disabled so that the heatsink manages just one source of heat. I will also be looking into the microcode exploit and see what I can attain for the CPU. I am still a bit timid about modding the ultrabay 755m. I am out of liquid metal so I will wait until I get some more before tackling that project.
  4. Ill probably try the trick of adding foil tape to extend the blades and see how it affects temps
  5. Oh ok makes sense to me and cheap too since I already got it. I may consider doing that. For now I am working on my school stuff but if I finish all that before getting the tape then ill go ahead with that. Thanks man! I also saw someone with the same fan on the m14x r2 add foil tape to the edges to increase the "length" of the fan blades with positive results so I may try that out while I got it all opened up, will see how things pan out from here.
  6. Quick glue = super glue ? Just making sure. I dont mind perma solutions, and i have plenty of glue here lol I am more concerned about the aluminum portion of the heatsink personally, have you had any issues with that? or did you smear glue on that as well?
  7. I have 1G of Grizzly Conductonaut but I dont have any heat resistant tape yet (shipping from china to Korea) Max Fan over Max Fan is about 8C drop in temps using the same application of thermal paste. I suspect your right though and ill probably want to add that comparison to the data to display how well it works. Did you use any tape on your liquid metal application? Ill take some pictures now
  8. Here are the results of my fan swap. Hope you guys find my results well... You will need excel or some type of excel viewer to view this data in its current form. @ghoul Were your findings similar in nature when you had the 4700mq? Conclusions.zip
  9. Well thats like, your opinion, man. the problem with your BIOS is that you didnt want to take the needed steps to do it correctly from scratch, while i was crunching for physics (Im on the clock). During which time you insulted my intelligence a few times but I let that slide even though you were being all pushy about it. you can clearly state all you want but the fact of the matter is, you wanted the short cut and after some prodding I finally took the time to give it to you. English may not be your first language but you obviously know how to insult with it, Im sure it would be no surprise to learn that people will be short with you afterwards. I think your opinion towards my actions are worthless not because its your opinion but because you cant seem to grasp the why I am doing what I am doing even though I painstakingly provided context several times over. Ive got what I wanted from this thread, I will continue with my project and post its results elsewhere, I dont need your approval or a positive reception. You keep taking my ideas and compare them with your own, its no wonder why you think its not practical, my scenario is NOT your scenario and never will. I will repeat again, our interests aligned temporarily but the problem is your assumption that we are desiring the same end result. I mean, I dont know how many times I need to state that I dont need this laptop to be mobile, I have 2 other laptops for that if the need arises. All I want is raw power. Anyways, best of luck everyone with your projects. Im done sharing here.
  10. Then accurately argue a point, misrepresentation is something no one appreciates, If I have to be firm to make it clear then Im sorry that rustles your feathers. Im pretty sure a lot of forums dont like intermember policing, just report if you feel something is breaching ToS is the usual policy
  11. Ive already mentioned that i am in korea, and that selling this is unreasonable as not everyone speaks english, nor wants to change the connector to fit the standard here (power). The chances of explaining the mods are low, as I dont speak korean either. These are things i have mentioned already here. Its basically a case in point that your still missing points and that I have to repeat myself over and over and over again. It gets old, fast. I dont care if you discuss it, the problem is your discussing something that only exists in your head because what your discussing is not what I am planning, but you make it out to be and its just annoying as hell having to correct again and again and again. misrepresenting someones position is one of the more annoying things people can do, and you offer no hedges of possibility in misunderstanding. Basically your whole response are things I have already addressed here. Which makes it just that much more irritating. The highlighted portion is your first hedge, without them it sounds like your speaking in full understanding when for a while that has not been the case. So then I have to rewind, re explain the same thing, and also correct where your incorrect. Which is fine the first couple of times in discussion, it happens. Im just getting tired of you stating my position makes no logical sense, and seeing your reasoning not back up that statement in the slightest, all the while offering little to no hedges. If you dont think you have a clear understanding that state as much and ask me to explain in a different way or provide a picture or something. Assuming things makes and ass out of u and me
  12. Yeah thats understandable, should be a non issue after replacing the monitor. I wont have to think about it since ill have it mounted to the cooling pad when I am done with it.
  13. Another reason to bypass it altogether then lol, having a riser will relieve any and all pressure made on the adapter itself.
  14. Well thats an improvement from earlier in the screen, still useless for my scenario though
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