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GTX 1070 in GT72S


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whats the cost of the 1070 card and a GT62VR heatsink? I have a GT72 2QE 1666 (i7 5700 HQ ,980m 4gb, 75hz G Sync M.2 Super Raid only & MUX) but have been offered a new GT73VR w 7820HK & 1070GTX for $800 US upgrade, plus I get a new 2 yr warranty. So if the 1070GTX costs me $800-1000 and I sell my 980M for say 450 it is a $450-500 upgrade plus work & drivers and no warranty so I question is - Is it worth it worth it, plus I still have the GT72 2QE w DDR3 and M.2 SSD not DDR4 , 120hz, and super raid w nvme plus a 2 yr warranty as I bought mine as a manufacture refurb and it is out of warranty now after 6 mths

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I don`t know the price of the Card,i take it out of a GT62VR.

Ebay want this price:



The Heatsink from the GT62VR is not useble for GT72 2QE.

The Modification of the original Heatsink is easy,but You can use the HeatsinkfromGT72VR.

But then You must also use the CPU Heatsink from GT72VR,Heatsink from 2QE and 6QE are different.

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