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  1. So , I solved the problem by MYSELF . If it can help someone this is how i proceded. The problem was caused by the different versions of the VBIOS of the two GPU the gpu i've ordered was a p570wm gpu and wasn't compatible with the p370sm.
  2. Hello, I come to you because it is very rare to find topic concerning crossfire notebook. I have bought 2 years ago a p370sm with 2 8970m 4GB paired in crossfire. 1 year ago , one of the two graphic card stopped to work. I've tried to swap the graphic card from their slot and I concluded that one of the two gpu was dead. I stayed for a long time with only one GPU on the primary slot, and 2 weeks ago , i ordered a copy of my card on Aliexpress: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/HD8970M-HD-8970M-R9-290X-4GB-GDDR5-MXM-for-CLEVO-P570WM-P370EM-P37xSM-P37xSMA-P150EM-P150SM/1978000913.html The card was recognized by my laptop and It showed two cards 8970m in the Device Manager. On CCC , the two cards were recognized but the second was "(desactivated"). I tried to reinstall catalyst but the problem is still here , i can't enable crossfire on the Radeon menu. i've made a gpu-z test and i've seen that the version of the two GPU were not the same. Moreover the bus version is different between the two cards. The responsible can possibly be the wire between the gpus ,it stayed in a drawer for 1 year. I've heard that @Prema is very qualified in Clevo gpus. Thank you for your future response. Have a good day, (All apologies for my english , I'm french)
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