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  1. Do you by chance still have those drivers for your 680m? I also had issues and was able to build and install 425.31.
  2. Has anyone had success undervolting a 680m? Curious what voltages to try.
  3. You could try NVCleanstall, but this looks like artifacting which is a hardware issue. Most likely RMA or return.
  4. I'm a gamer...and...uh...I'm into Massive Multiplayer Online Gaming Communities. IF YOU MEET ME ONLINE BY GRUB'S TAVERN, I WILL SHOW YOU WHERE THE TREASURE IS HIDDEN. My online alter ego is 18 feet tall and has giant wings, like an angel's but also like a demon's. His name is Karlor. KARLOR CAN FK ANYTHING AND HE WILL AND HAS. WOMEN, DEVILS, ANGELS, ANIMALS. you need to get with him because my penis only has a tip. it's like someone glued an acorn...to the bottom of my torso.
  5. If you are looking for a good pair of open back headphones you can not beat the Philips SHP9500 for the money. Paid $50 usd for mine a few years ago and still holding up. Could use it with a mod mic for gaming.
  6. I installed a 680m (80.04.5B.00.02 bios) in a Dell Precision m6600. It seems to have some thermal headroom for overclocking so I am interested in trying the modded bios.
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