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Alienware m17x (2014) 8 beeps after bios flash


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Hello everyone,


I've recently bought an Alienware 17 secondhand. Being the tinkerer I am the first thing I though of was getting an unlocked/custom bios.


While flashing the mod I saw Svl7's name, someone I used a custom bios from in the past for my clevo p170em, which worked flawlessly and I was really happy with. 


Now the bad parts starts and I'm starting to panic a bit. The readme from the moderator described two flashing methods, the first one to use a DOS usb and run flash.bat. I tried about 10 times but I always got error 28, which he said I had to ignore and try method 2. 

Method 2 was to rename the bios file to VAS00X64.FD, VAS00X64.bin, VAS00X64.rom,  put them on a fat 32 usb, disconnect battery and AC from the laptop, hold the end key, connect AC and press the power button then wait for a beep and release the end button. Here is where it first started going wrong, I held the end button for 15 minutes but I heard no beep. I tried a second time, same thing. Then I tried starting the laptop, it gave me a black screen with 2 grey lines in and it beeped 8 times. I searched a bit online and this is supposed to be a display issue? How can a display issue occur after a bios flash? I've come to this forum like I did with my clevo p170em in the hopes I'll get a reply and a fix, I've had a good experience with Svl7's mod before.


I hope someone can help me and thanks a lot in advance.


EDIT: I've tried several things so far, reset CMOS, tried to recovery flash stock a14 bios, took out gpu, took out display and nothing of these worked. However, there seems to be a second connector to plug in LVDS cable, right above the one where the original was plugged in. When I insert the LVDS cable into the second connector, I get no more beeps but display also doesn't turn on. When I connect an external monitor through hdmi, the external monitor turns on, flashes for one second and the laptop restarts. Any ideas?


EDIT 2: 

I somehow managed to get screen.
When I inserted my gpu again, with the LVDS cable into the EDP port and an external display, I get screen on my external monitor and I can use my laptop as normal again. I flashed original stock bios. So how do I fix my laptop screen now?

I narrowed it down a bit. I put LVDS cable in original port and I looked into bios and it said Integrated GPU: (none detected) which was very strange to me, I have never disabled it before. So after booting into OS I looked into device manager and HD 4600 was missing. It was just gone. So I pressed FN + F5, it asked me if I wanted to enable integrated gpu, I said yes and laptop restarted. Then it was the same issue again, black screen (backlight does turn on) with 2 grey lines. So any ideas? How do i re-enable HD 4600?

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