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Clevo P150EM + GTX 970M FPS Issue


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Hi all,


I've my GTX 970M working for a good while, but I decided to re-apply the thermal paste today because my card seemed to get a bit hot and my gaming would suffer from fps drops. I figured re-applying the thermal paste would work, but it didn't. I then uninstalled the drivers and tried reinstalling different drivers to see if they'd perform better, but for some reason my FPS is constantly below 60 FPS no matter what game it is. I've tried checking my settings in nVidia control panel, I tried flashing the vBios, I've changed countless settings to try and make it work but nothing is working. I also noticed that when I use Speed Fan, the GPU section doesn't consistently show my GPU temps. It stays at 0 Celsius for the most part, but then randomly reads 47 Celsius.


Any ideas of what could be wrong or how to possibly fix this?





So I've noticed that the card just isn't working at all, which explains the low FPS. Although i'm not entirely sure why it's doing that. MSI Afterburner shows that it doesn't have any activity as well as the built-in nVidia GPU activity application I've got going on my task bar. In-game the icon isn't even colored, it's just black and white. I updated my bios with Prema's latest for my P150EM and I flashed my vBios, but still nothing. I've also tried installing 5 different drivers and they all yield the same results.


Help would be much appreciated!!!!!







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i cant tell you more then changing drivers until it works...

i also had some issues getting my 980m 2 work. a friend of mine recently bought a laptop with 960m, all stock, it took me bout 3 weeks 2 get it running, all i did was try multiple drivers until all of a sudden it worked.

optimus is frekd and i guess it will always be. and because of that there is no solution but 2 try and try and try

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