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I did not find a topic related to the greatest mod ever (in my opinion atleast) and the great base game beneath it.

The Battlefield 2 and Forgotten hope 2 mod for it.

Battlefield 2 is quite self explanatory, one of the earlier battlefields that broke the bank, though 11 years old now and official online closed. It is still played and enjoyed as more teamplay based than the newer 3/4 in my opinion.

And the greatest mod for it if you like ww2 theme much more than modern like I do, Forgotten Hope 2.

Which transfers the game completely for more realistic but not to an ultra hardcore point.


The game is problematic with win 10 but can be done, all the needed information is on Battlelog.co which is the revive project of BF2.

And Forgotten hope can be found on its website forgottenhope.warumdarum.de.


Have you played Fh2 and what are your thoughts on the mod/game?

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