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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have an unusual request. I have an i7-3940xm in my M17xr4 and it's difficult to keep cool. I have already done the m14x fan mod and I'm using Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal compound... it's just not enough. The CPU is constantly being throttled (my bios settings in a11 unlocked are set to throttle it 85 C) when under load, and it will sometimes see temperatures in the mid to high 90s. The maximum operating temperature is rated at 105C, and I have a thermal shutdown set in bios for 100C, which it hasn't yet reached (but it gets scary close). Even when throttled, it's still an upgrade and runs better then the stock 3630qm, but I don't wan't it to throttle all of the time. I know I could underclock it, but what's the point of having an upgraded CPU if you're just going to downclock it to similar specs as the original (baring cache, of course). At idle, by the way, it jumps around mid 50s to high 60s. Anyway, to keep it cool, I want to try using a peltier cooler. They're thermoelectric ceramic devices of which one side gets hot and the other gets cold when an electric current goes through them, for those who didn't already know. I figure I can sandwich it between my cpu and the heatsink and try to help keep the cpu's temps a little more reasonable. I have one of a workable size which can withstand temps of up to 135C, and I've done the math with it's specs so that it hopefully knocks 25ish degrees off while at full load and not overheat the peltier doing so. This leads me to my question/request; I need to know if anyone would know a place on the motherboard which supplies voltage when the laptop is running, but not when it's off, whether or not the charger/battery is connected? I have found a few good sources on the MB which can withstand the drain, but they're always hot, even when the laptop is off. I have a multimeter and have been probing, but I don't want to disassemble half the laptop and attempt running it in pieces to verify a good source. If no one knows off hand or has any idea, does anyone know of any schematics or files which exist which contain voltage information of various contacts on the m17x r4 motherboard? I know this is a strange request and most will not be able to assist, but before taking it all the way apart to probe around I thought I would at least ask. I'll make a write-up on how it's done and how well it works if it's successful, as well as a controller circuit if necessary using a teensy 2.0 or something.
  2. Hi guys! I have a big problem-> I need to undervolt my GPU (MSI 7970M@DELL_BIOS). I am using this vBIOS: https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/132831/dell-hd7970m-2048-120629 Stock VDDC on this GPU is 1.050V and when I changing this one to 0.975 in VBE7 it is ok-> I can save it and flash it. Computer succesfully restarts but when I check modded settings the VDDC is still on 1.050V I checked if the VBE7 seriously saving the VDDC to vBIOS but it is ok. I have no idead what i need to UV this card (i know it's possible...) Everything is changing (GPU, MEM MHz) but VDDC can't change. Please help me ;-)
  3. Please help ! I Have 150SM-A laptop with PREMAMOD bios. Everything was ok but I hanged CPU and RING voltage to add 100mV and ovveride to 50mV. Now laptop does not boot up only blank screen is present. I tried to reset bios by removing battery from laptop and from motherboard for few minutes. Unfortunatelly after this nothing changed. Laptop switchen on for few seconds then turns of and turns on again in loop. The screen is dark.What can I do ?
  4. I have a I'm Running Windows 10 pro on..... 2011 2.4GHz i7 quadcore Mac Mini with 16GB ram Akitio Thunder2 pcie chassis with a EVGA gtx 750 ti SC (2gb) running over thunderbolt 1 400 watt continuous power EVGA psu with a barrel plug spliced onto an 8pin connector (4 yellow 12v) (4 black grounds) with paperclip trick applied Ok so I have a few different hardware monitoring apps and they all say that my 750 ti is running at .962 volts. That seems to low to me. I even successfully flashed the bios by following this tutorial http://cryptomining-blog.com/1014-how-to-increase-the-geforce-gtx-750-ti-power-target-limit/ I've played around with Msi Afterburner and PrecisionX 16 and nothing helps. I feel like the voltage being so low is the main reason why my gpu is very unpredictable and jumps frame rates like crazy. it will be running for example tom clancy's ranbow 6 siege on everything high @1920 getting over 60fps and then i'll start it up again and it'll be 8fps or something. I just don't know what to do. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks, Bill
  5. Hi, I have a problem, my display driver contentiously stop responding only when i play games. My card is GTX 680M 4GB (Clevo). I tried the OV version avalable here and flashed it however it did not fix my issue. Many solution online suggest increase in voltage to fix this issue, however, I noticed that the OC bios here has the default voltage set. Hence i would like to ask if anyone could bump up the voltage for this card or unlock the voltage control for this card and post a bios? I have tried to do it myself using NiBiTor, but it does not recognize the bios (No gtx 680m option). Any help? Solutions i tried: - Not caused by overheating (Did check, sometimes would stop responding at average temps of 77 other higher) - Increase delay time in Registry - Set power management in Nvidia panel to preferred performance - Use High Performance power option (Always set here with power supply in) - Clean out GPU & applied thermal paste - Applied all windows updates (Running on latest Bios & EC too) - Tried Nvidia GPU driver from manufacturer (If clean install games wont start, if normal install, games run on integrated graphics no matter my selection or immediatly stop reponding on styart) - Running latest Nvdia drivers (Did clean install too) - Fresh install of windows So yea as you can see, I have tried many solution but none worked so i am left with increasing the voltage but its lock on the bios as well as the OC bios available on this forum. Any help? Attached is my stock vbios. Origianl vbios GTX 680m.zip
  6. As I recently shared, I've upgraded my m17x R4 with a 3920xm ES CPU I bought on eBay - and I've been tweaking it a lot in the past days. I have my multipliers set at 44x1, 43x2, 42x3, and 41x4 cores. This appears to be as high as I can go without significant instability. The current settings ARE stable as long as the notebook is on a good hard surface (I also added bigger feet to the back to aid in air intake) but I'm noticing WHEA error 19's in my event log. These are processor parity check errors, basically saying it went back and checked its work and found that it got a different result the second time, forcing it to redo the calculation. This signifies that I'm on the edge of instability, and a google search indicated that the usual solution was to bump the CPU voltage up a *tiny* bit - However it appears that I cannot exceed my current 1.331v max (via HwInfo64 monitoring.) I can set the value higher in Intel Extreme Tuning platform and it appears to take the value (it even shows the increase in BIOS upon reboot) but going higher than +105mv (corresponds to 27 "additional turbo voltage" in BIOS) stops yielding higher max voltages in HwInfo64 - and appears to have no effect on CPU stability. When I look at Intel XTU / ThrottleStop screenshots of this same CPU being used in m18x's, I see vcore voltages of ~1.5v being achieved - enabling notably higher multipliers, but after lots of tinkering I'm unable to exceed 1.331v on my system. Is this a hardware limit of the M17x R4's mobo? A firmware/BIOS limit? Any suggestions for bypassing it? Other posts indicate that if I could even ramp up my voltage by something like +.05v, that could be enough to stop the parity check warnings without requiring me to reduce my speed - and I'll admit I'd sure love to see the 46x4 multi's that are being achieved at 1.5v... someday... with an overclocker's warranty from Intel.
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