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  1. Thanks... It works! The vbios from this package unlocking vddc changes. Topic ready to close
  2. Hi guys! I have a big problem-> I need to undervolt my GPU (MSI [email protected]_BIOS). I am using this vBIOS: https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/132831/dell-hd7970m-2048-120629 Stock VDDC on this GPU is 1.050V and when I changing this one to 0.975 in VBE7 it is ok-> I can save it and flash it. Computer succesfully restarts but when I check modded settings the VDDC is still on 1.050V I checked if the VBE7 seriously saving the VDDC to vBIOS but it is ok. I have no idead what i need to UV this card (i know it's possible...) Everything is changing (GPU, MEM MHz) but VDDC can't change. Please help me ;-)
  3. Poor... I have no idea how I can control the Brightness on my GT780...
  4. Can I upgrade it when I have DELL vbios but VBE not showing my RAM codes? I have hynix ***AFR and in this bios only BFR is showing....
  5. Maybe new Vegas could be better in power consuption...
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