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Found 32 results

  1. As I recently shared, I've upgraded my m17x R4 with a 3920xm ES CPU I bought on eBay - and I've been tweaking it a lot in the past days. I have my multipliers set at 44x1, 43x2, 42x3, and 41x4 cores. This appears to be as high as I can go without significant instability. The current settings ARE stable as long as the notebook is on a good hard surface (I also added bigger feet to the back to aid in air intake) but I'm noticing WHEA error 19's in my event log. These are processor parity check errors, basically saying it went back and checked its work and found that it got a different result the second time, forcing it to redo the calculation. This signifies that I'm on the edge of instability, and a google search indicated that the usual solution was to bump the CPU voltage up a *tiny* bit - However it appears that I cannot exceed my current 1.331v max (via HwInfo64 monitoring.) I can set the value higher in Intel Extreme Tuning platform and it appears to take the value (it even shows the increase in BIOS upon reboot) but going higher than +105mv (corresponds to 27 "additional turbo voltage" in BIOS) stops yielding higher max voltages in HwInfo64 - and appears to have no effect on CPU stability. When I look at Intel XTU / ThrottleStop screenshots of this same CPU being used in m18x's, I see vcore voltages of ~1.5v being achieved - enabling notably higher multipliers, but after lots of tinkering I'm unable to exceed 1.331v on my system. Is this a hardware limit of the M17x R4's mobo? A firmware/BIOS limit? Any suggestions for bypassing it? Other posts indicate that if I could even ramp up my voltage by something like +.05v, that could be enough to stop the parity check warnings without requiring me to reduce my speed - and I'll admit I'd sure love to see the 46x4 multi's that are being achieved at 1.5v... someday... with an overclocker's warranty from Intel.
  2. Ok so I recently bought a 5870M with the right side heat sink on it, and well.. my M17x R2 doesn't even want to boot up with both cards installed. It just turns on, all FX lights turn on, then the screen goes darker but unlit, BUT I can barely see the alien head that shows when the system is started up. Here is a list of things I've done to try to get this working: -Bought a 240 watt AC adapter ✓ -bought a crossfire cable ✓ (one that the seller of the card suggested from Eurocom) -flashed both cards to the latest Vbios ✓ -Flash laptop to A10 Bios ✓ -Cleaned the PCIe slot with compressed are ✓ -tried both cards with out Crossfire cable ✓ -I HAVE ORDERED A GPU FAN- Coming in the mail still- -Take out Bios battery and hold the power button for 30 seconds ✓ -I've even taken out 1 stick of ram and still nothing ✓ -I've tried both cards in the primary slot, and the swapping the cards in a crossfire configuration and nothing (they both work in the primary slot) Would the system as a fail safe not boot with out the second GPU fan installed? As I've said the system turns on, but freezes right at the alien head and the screen stays unlit. Also the laptop came in a non SLI/Xfire setup, just a single 5870M.
  3. Hello all. I just received a 3920xm CPU for use in my M17x R4. After a bit of standard tinkering it is working great! With the addition of this new CPU, I have some new options visible in my modded A10 BIOS by svl7. The Advanced CPU Control window now shows "Config TDP Configurations" at the bottom. I will post some screenshots of these new options, which I have to do anything with. Here's my question: HwInfo64 shows my new CPU's microcode revision number as 10. I'm used to seeing 15 there, as revision 15 is included with the A10 version of the system BIOS. I'd like to load microcode revision 15 onto this new CPU by repeating my original procedure for loading A10 modded BIOS - but I'm not sure if the XM CPU's have a different version of the microcode. If I attempt to update the 3920xm's microcode with the copy included in the A10 BIOS, will that cause problems? Will I perhaps lose any XM functionality of this CPU? Sorry if that's a dumb question but this is my first XM CPU!!
  4. First I would like to say ive been roaming this forum for a short time now and it is a wonderful place a great deal better then other forums that shall not be named *cough* NBR *cough*. Never the less I thought I would post this to tell people about Alienware's Warranty. My story begins with a m17x R1 I received it for a gift and like any self respecting gamer I was excited to say the least. The specs on the laptop were a core 2 duo t9600 @ 2.8. 5400 RPM hard drive a Nvidia 260m and a 1920X1200 LCD Screen 4gigs of RAM. Well to save me from typing a whole five pages of info it was giving me problems from the day I received it. Locking up during game play just not a good experience for my first alienware. Luckily I bought a Warranty the day I received it and called Alienware and they sent out a tech to replace the mobo and Video Card and problems still arose. So after reading and rereading my Warranty I found a clause that states that if a tech has been sent to your house more then twice and your PC has been sent to a depot to be fixed and still has issues you are to be issues a replacement (This is not how it was written just in non lawyer speak lol ). As I told alienware this they soon agreed and sent me a replacement A M17x R2 with the specs of a Core I7 920XM @ 2.0 - 3.2 Turbo a 7200 HDD a AMD 5870 HD and a 1920X1200 RGB screen Nebula Red. I thought wow alienware isent so bad they gave me a huge upgrade well three months past with no issues at all and then a BIOS update came along and as I started to flash mid flash my computer powers off. Anyone in tech knows it is not a good thing I tried to turn it back on and not to my surprise the BIOS chip wasn't working properly. Called Dell they sent a Tech with a replacement for everything Mobo, video card, HDD, RAM you name it. After it would not boot up (bad mobo) The tech told me a little secret since Dell and alienware a now one and the same alienware call centers are no more unless you can get the one in Costa Rica. This is the only call center thet "Alienware" has that is purely for Alienware laptops not XPS or any other computer. The tech told me how they will go to the ends of the earth to please you. I did not want to go through another month of not having a laptop like I did with my R1 so I called the number and spoke to the gentlemen the tech told me to, after I told him all the trouble I have gone though there was a pause and then the person said "I am So very Sorry Sir" and then he said you have been though more trouble then most people I know. and said here is what I am going to do for you. After about thirty minutes of talking and most of it was about video gaming a order was placed for a M17x R3 Core I7 2630QM @ 2.0 - 2.8 Turbo a Nvidia 580M a Samsung SSD and 8 gigs of dual Channel Ram along with the WLED 1920X1080 screen. The Manager told me he would upgrade me to a higher CPU but by regulations if they give you a max setting on one thing such as the 580m they can not upgrade anything else. (which I was fine with). After all the talking he told me never to call the 1866 number ever again just to email him and it would get taken care of. Some people might view it has more of a downgrade R2 Vs R3 result but hey the way i see it i have one of the best mobile video cards and a SSD for free thats a good 500 - 800 dollar savings Im good with that. This is my story of how even though some dell reps can be stubborn or just hard headed know your rights as a costumer and always read the warranty.
  5. Dun dun dun... I guess they wanted Tech|Inferno to teach them how to do a cooling mod for their R1/R2? LOL!!! There's going to be some more M17x articles featured on the front page along with a review of Asus G73 soon! The official launch of the page and forum isn't until Friday so those of you that are here right now are by special invitation...don't you feel special?
  6. https://picasaweb.google.com/109631313223265896524/RGBLEDVsWLED#slideshow/5443905378279244610 This was done without calibrating either monitor. Thoughts? It's a shame Dell got rid of RGB LED so quickly for the Studio XPS 16.
  7. Information originally from my Wikia site which is no longer available for use. Thus I have migrated the information to our new forum: United States Casing * Y750M - Dell Alienware m17x Silver LCD Back Cover * J226N - Dell Alienware m17x Black LCD Back Cover * Y727M - Dell Alienware m17x Silver Bottom Base Cover Assembly * J180N - Dell Alienware m17x Black Bottom Base Cover Assembly * J181N - Dell Alienware m17x Red Bottom Base Cover Assembly * 8MK45 - Center Control Power Button Cover / Hinge Cover * KGR2D - Touchpad/Palmrest * C395N - Bottom Cover Assembly RAM * W795M - MOD,DIMM,8GB,1333MHZ,DDR3,2X4G Miscellaneous * F836R - Alienhead Mousepad * N329P - Alienware Generic Nameplate Alienware m17x Motherboard * F415N - Dell Alienware m17x Laptop Motherboard (System Mainboard) * F421N - Dell Alienware m17x Mulitmedia Audio Ports USB IO Circuit Board Alienware M17x-R1 CPU * D720P - Module, Processor, Core Penryn QX9300, ANW NBK GPU * D684N - ATI RADEON MOBILITY 4870 CFX (DUAL) Hard Drive * H375M - Module, Solid State Drive, 256 S2, 2.5, RBAM, Across Line Of Business * F584N - HDD 1 Caddy Set o Y248M ASSEMBLY..., BRACKET..., HDD, SECOND..., M17X o F673N CONNECTOR..., Serial ATA..., 22P, FEMALE..., S, FEMALE..., INTERPOSER o D837T SCREW..., M3.0.5P, L3, ANW, M17X * HYT0K - Module, Bracket, HDD, FOAMKIT, M17X Optical Drive * Y329J - Module, Dvd+/-rw, Sony Nec Optiarc Inc., BARE, Alienware Wireless * C771R - Module, Card, Network, AW1510, United States * MGNNT - Module, Card, Network, 370, Foxconn, Consumer Notebook, Dell Americas Organization Keyboard * Y573P - Module, Keyboard, Alienware United States, England, M17X Dao/bcc Screen * K001R - Module, Liquid Crystal Display, 17.0 Wide Ultra Extended Graphics Array, Alienware, M17X FM Tuner * YC8XT - Module, Tuner, Software, TVT11 NTSC, Advanced Television System Committee Battery * T780J - Module, Battery, Primary, 85WHR 9C, Dynapack International Technology Corp AC Adapter * K972H - MODULE..., ADAPTER..., ALTERNATING CURRENT..., 240W/210W, DELTA - AC ADAPT..., WORLD WIDE... * N971H - MODULE..., CORD..., POWER..., 125V, 2M, C13, UNITED STATES... Software * WR9G4 - MODULE..., SOFTWARE..., W7U64, DIGITAL VIDEO DISK DRIVE..., MULTI-LANGUAGE..., ANW * W871N - Module, Software, WINDOWS-LIVE Consumer * D9KVP - MODULE..., SOFTWARE..., QUICK FIX ENGINEERING..., WIN7, CNB * H919R - Module, Media, Resource Dvd, Alienware, M17X Alienware M17x-R2 Battery * W075J - Battery, Primary, 85WHR, 9C Lithium, Dynapack InternationalTechnology Corp * D582J - 9-cell Primary Battery Keyboard * 8WK6F - Keyboard, Alienware, 101, ENG-US, Personal Computer CPU * G335R - Intel Core i7 820QM * MM14W - Intel Core i7 940XM Screen * K1NFP - 17" Samsung RGBLED (1920x1200) 1200p WUXGA * 9PHFF - 17.0" UltraSharp WUXGA (1920x1200) 1200p RGBLED Display with TrueLife Hard Drive * H608T - 500GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive * H609T - 500GB 7200RPM 2nd SATA Hard Drive * K256M - Solid State Drive, 256GB, S2 2.5, Samsung, RBAM * 9JPNY - HD Bracket + Foamkit (should have interposer and screws) Optical Drive * TR555 - Dvd+/-Rw, 8X, Serial Ata, SLOT, Sony Nec Optiarc Inc. * CDKX3 - Slot Load Blu-ray BD-R, BD-RE / DVD+/-RW Drive with DVD+R double RAM * X830D - Dual In-Line Memory Module, 4GB1333MHZ, 512X64, 8K, 200 Wireless * 4W00N - Intel Ultimate N WiFi Link 6300 a/g/n 3x3 MIMO Technology * K5Y6D - Broadcom BCM94313HMG2L half size mini PCI wireless network card (Quad mode 802.11a/b/g/Draft-N) * M960G - Bluetooth Module Video Cards * ATI Radeon 5870 Mobility o F603N - Left Fan o F605N - Right Fan o C8245 - 5870, primary - (goes on left side) o RV546 - 5870, secondary with cable and heatsinks (goes on right side) * NVidia® GeForce® GTX 285M o F2T8J - SLI™ Dual 1GB GDDR3 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 285M AC Adapter * J938H - 240W AC Adapter * 5120P - Cord, Power, 125V, 6Feet, SJT..., Unshielded Documentation * WRD6T - User Manual * DW6RN - Software/etc
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