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  1. Yeah I've tried that. :/ as said, they are both "primary cards" And the one that was originally in my laptop is REV:A00 and the one I ordered is REV:A01
  2. I have tried that but it still boots with the primary GPU fan unplugged.. :/ I've even tried putting the Cpu fan in the second GPU slot Spins up but does the same thing. i can upload a video showing what happens.
  3. I'll take some pictures and show you what I mean, @Heatshiver when you remove the power button assembly this is what you'll see, I've circled the rectangular hole im talking about. It is a button attached right to the mobo. Also I replied to you're other post on NBR forums with the same picture and options.
  4. There is a little hole under the power button (you'll have to remove the power button assembly), Its a rectangular hole, if you take something plastic and feel for a little bump then press it, it should turn on. (don't worry about damaging anything there is that black protective plastic tape over it) I've used this many times when working on my R2.
  5. Yes, and yes both cards are completely functional. I know they are both primary cards, I just want to try and get them working with each other. other wise I'll be returning it.
  6. Ok so I recently bought a 5870M with the right side heat sink on it, and well.. my M17x R2 doesn't even want to boot up with both cards installed. It just turns on, all FX lights turn on, then the screen goes darker but unlit, BUT I can barely see the alien head that shows when the system is started up. Here is a list of things I've done to try to get this working: -Bought a 240 watt AC adapter ✓ -bought a crossfire cable ✓ (one that the seller of the card suggested from Eurocom) -flashed both cards to the latest Vbios ✓ -Flash laptop to A10 Bios ✓ -Cleaned the PCIe slot with compressed are ✓ -tried both cards with out Crossfire cable ✓ -I HAVE ORDERED A GPU FAN- Coming in the mail still- -Take out Bios battery and hold the power button for 30 seconds ✓ -I've even taken out 1 stick of ram and still nothing ✓ -I've tried both cards in the primary slot, and the swapping the cards in a crossfire configuration and nothing (they both work in the primary slot) Would the system as a fail safe not boot with out the second GPU fan installed? As I've said the system turns on, but freezes right at the alien head and the screen stays unlit. Also the laptop came in a non SLI/Xfire setup, just a single 5870M.
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