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  1. Hello there! I have this notebook since 2/11. Since July of this year, the screen started to go black during normal use, and a message appears telling that the an error occurred to the nvidia driver. I've tried a lot of different drivers, but the error persists. In a long playing session, when I quit the game, sometimes the screen show some artifacts, as you can see in the attached pictures. Did anyone had this problem before?! Is my Asus dying!? I'm willing to give a try on the 660M mode, but I want to make sure that this is only a vga problem that I have, not a general failure! Thanks a lot!
  2. Hello guys, I've been reading here a lot and trying to find a solution to my problem with nothing yet. My M14x specs are: Intel® Core™ i7 2670QM 2.2GHz (3.1GHz w/Turbo Boost, 6MB Cache) 1.5GB DDR3 NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 555M 8GB DDR3 at 1600MHz Kingston HyperX 240GB SSD Kingston (6GB/s) As I have noticed many other people here have cooling problems with there M14X but in my case the computer and the temperature were fine for months and then started to slow down and slow down over time 9 months from when I bought it this computer is useless sometimes Here is the problem: When I start the computer everything is great temps are in the low 60s for GPU and low 70s for CPU I lunch World of Warcraft I get around 120 to 90 FPS on high or 70 on ultra after around 20 minutes of play time it keeps slowing until I end up with around 14-8 FPS and GPU temp is at 98 while CPU temp is at 99 on all 4 cores some times it goes higher on both ends that the keyboard heats up, the SSD is stable at 41 but if I keep playing while cores at 99 it starts heating up to 50s, some times restarting the game helps a little mostly not however if I wait for 10 minutes and play again the game will work again. my fan seems to be working so I don't know what to do I tried to check fan speeds and meh that was a failure my computer is not very usable now for its only purpose and I'm not sure what to do next I did all sorts of updates and changes I'm also considering calling dell or maybe changing the thermal paste my self, was also considering trying to design a water cooling system for it in like a station when I'm not travelling with it as I do with my desktop but I think then I'm better of selling it this problem has been taking a lot of my time and causing me a lot of stress. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. I am very interested about an M11x, but dont know which one to decide. I'm playing Games like Battlefield, Assassins Creed, Soccer and mostly Trackmania United/ Canyon 2. I've read tests and compared about the 1st and the 3rd Revision, well: Core 2 Duo against "i7" sandybridge.. i don't think that theres so much performance differences, even you can overclock. The better GPU made me want to buy the R3 - but for which price it is worth? Ive seen M11x r1 who go out for 450$, how many should i spend for the R3? How much is it worth? (I noticed the 3rd has Gigabit LAN instead of 100mb/s, would be there HUGE up-& download differences at 50k Connection?) Also whats with the Hinge at R3? More Solid/ Robust than r1? Buying an r2 i wouldnt, same GPU, no vga and much louder.. Please some help here, Colour Choice don't needed, I've would paint it anyway Greetz mav
  4. Hi everyone, I got an m14x recently which has been repaired from a 7 beep code. A Dell technician came and replaced the mobo and cpu. Everything looked fine until I decided to upgrade the GPU driver from 267.21 to 285.62 in order to play GTA4; since then, I can get any nvidia driver being recognized by windows even with modified inf ones. I tried reflashing to A05, A08 and the Ao8modded from svl7 (thanks for that, excellent job!). Bios recognises the GPU as Nvidia gfx. Besides, GPU-Z shows different information for the GPU I really appreciate if someone could help me here. I would like to fix it before calling Dell. Many thanks in advance:Banane01:
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