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  1. I see.. I'll try to find another seller, cause U$ 325 + U$70 S&H, its a little too much hehehe Thanks for your time!
  2. I`ve found this 2 on ebay: This one the seller says that is 1gb, but the card layout is different then the pictures attached to this post: Alienware M15X M17x M18x VGA Graphics Video Card GTX 660M 1GB GDDR5 MXM 3 0B | eBay This seems to be the same card: Alienware M15X M17x M18x VGA Upgrade Kit GTX 660M Kepler 1GB GDDR5 MXM 3 0B | eBay @svl7: Is it simple to change the vBios to work with the 2gb version!?? Because there`s a listing with a very low price for the 2gb: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M Graphics Card | eBay Thanks in advance for you help!
  3. Willing to try the 660m MOD on my notebook to see if it solves the problem... But the seller don`t answer the questions! =/
  4. As I've told, I've already tried a lot of different drivers, clean installs, formatting, but that's don`t seems to be a driver problem! Some times BSOD appears...
  5. Raonny Ruivo

    Gaming Mouse

    I think that the battery is the only problem with mamba! I almost don't use it without the cord! That's a shame 'cause I've bought it because it was wireless! =/
  6. Razer Mamba. 1800 dpi or 3200dpi depending on the game/weapon
  7. Hello there! I have this notebook since 2/11. Since July of this year, the screen started to go black during normal use, and a message appears telling that the an error occurred to the nvidia driver. I've tried a lot of different drivers, but the error persists. In a long playing session, when I quit the game, sometimes the screen show some artifacts, as you can see in the attached pictures. Did anyone had this problem before?! Is my Asus dying!? I'm willing to give a try on the 660M mode, but I want to make sure that this is only a vga problem that I have, not a general failure! Thanks a lot!
  8. I don't know if this is the same guide, but I use this one: http://tim.id.au/laptops/asus/g73.pdf But there's only one "problem" in the guide: Its easier to remove the keyboard if you remove the screen first. In the guide, they tell you to remove the keyboard first... But that's it.
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