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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I am trying to do the "Ultimate" G73jh upgrade and I have power related issues. So I have the most "basic" G73jh, with i5-430m and 5870m. This version is the one with the brown MB, with only 2 memory slots. What I did: - Opening the whole laptop - Swapping 5970m to 7970m - Blind-Flashing 7970m vBios - It boot ! But GPU/RAM frequency stay at 450/300 maximum, because of my 120W PSU I think (throttle), So I ordered a 240W One - Swapping i5-430m to i7-920XM - It boot but I almost didnt use it because I was affraid of my weak PSU (dont want to burn it !) Then I received my new PSU, from ebay ( http://www.ebay.fr/itm/201638674476). And... Nothing change !! My 7970m is stil throttling. And I cant OC the 920XM, if I go over 70W TDP, the G73 instent shutdown :-/. I need your help to be sure Its a PSU related issue, and not something else, like my mobo etc. I dont want to buy a 100+€ PSU if this is not the problem. As my G73 is still out of his case, I manage to solder the PSU wire directly on the MB, and then I measured voltage during full load (prime95). IDLE 19,4-19,5V LOADED: 19,3-19,4V Not that bad ! I am very confused because the PSU seams to work. I have no oscilloscope to watch the signal in real-time... For sure it is not a real DELL but if voltage is not droping, whats wrong ? Its very frustrating to know that everything work but can't be "feeded" with Amps ! Any ideas ? EDIT: All temps are OK ! Furmark : 58° GPU... (because of the low Freq :-/ ) EDIT2: new info: I tried on battery, It is the same, is it a common behavioor ? (My battery is almost dead, only 30% capacity) EDIT3: Do you know if the "metalic" part of the case (under the keyboard) have somthing to do with the power delivery in the mobo ? EDIT4: I reassemble the laptop, so no, the metal plane have nothing to do with ground...
  2. Hi there guys, I'm looking the forums looking for any trace of information regarding the G73SW GPU upgrade. There´s some members who did some mods and upgraded their notebooks gpu as the models: g73jh, g73jw. But i dont see anyone saying that is possible to do it with the SW too. So im here asking for any information that can lead me to do it, even more what kind of cards works on sw, links for bioses and so on. I love my g73sw but here in Brazil, notebooks and even parts cost like 3 times the normal value (taxes and so on).... So please if anyone can help me out i'll be glad and i will spread the word that this works here. What i'm looking here is veridic information, not some gossip bout we can/can´t do it.... I have ready $600 to spend on it and if it goes wrong... (im screwed) I love my SW and dont want to let him get outdated and i dont have the money to buy an alienware or a sager. anyways thanks for your time guys!!!
  3. Did anyone know that hd 7970m works on Asus G73jh ? 3dmark vantage: Here 3dmark 11 : here im sorry if I have posted in wrong section , I posted because M15x supports whatever g73 supports.
  4. Hello, I am new member. I was wondering if anyone tried to upgrade the video card on their ASUS G73SW to GTX 680M? Is there any working VBIOS I can download? I recently bought an GTX 680M videocard and I am looking for the VBIOS. Thanks, Rajah
  5. Here's the official disassembly guide for the Asus G73 (JH, JW, ...). It shows all the necessary steps to take apart the system. When you do it several times you'll see that there are faster ways than just following each step, but it's a great help anyway. In case you need some specific pictures (more detailed than in the guide), let me know, I'll see what I can do. I still have some of the pictures I took while disassembling the G73JW.
  6. Fraps video test with rage im posting cause when im looking for a laptop to purchase i really enjoy these to see where the laptop stands with current gaming http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWZ-WAY27CQ
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