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  1. Thinking of ordering second X5650 .
  2. Actually it was not my fault because, he told me that he will send the xplates too , but he didnt . and I tried searching it everywhere , but couldnt find one , so I used it with custom springs . and due to the heat the card died . so I returned it , seller said he will rma it and resell in ebay or ask me to pay him the same price so he will re ship to me. up to now didnt hear back from him, so for the money I have in hand il go gtx 680 route.
  3. oh yea . I asked him for the x plate and the screws , he didnt have it , and I didnt find that thing anywhere , so ran the card without it but only with custom screws , now its dead due to overheat.
  4. UPDATE : my HD 6990 died on me , so I returned it to seller , for now im using my GTX 465 . Ordered an X5650 ES Xeon for now , will be getting it within a week or so . also sold my G73jh . have planned to watercool both the cpu's ( E5603 and X5650 ) still not sure if Il be able to run my E5603 along with my new X5650 .
  5. holycow , is what im seeing is true ? 9k with a mobile gpu , unbelievable . +1 rep for SVL7 and Brian for nice thread. EDIT: your GTX 680m passed my HD 6990 in vantage .
  6. great job , nice scores with gtx 680m . amd maybe thinking of releasing its new nuclear bomb (7990m)
  7. he wont be interested in trading because he tested his own dell card that came from his m18x on his g73 .
  8. you can use clevo but you have to flash it with non eundro clevo hd 7970m vbios , and dell card works on g73 without any vbios flash . clevo card needs non eundro vbios or else it wont work. and card works with stock asus bios. thanks
  9. Thanks mate! Here is a overclocked run with 3dmark vantage : here 3dmark 11 : here
  10. Did anyone know that hd 7970m works on Asus G73jh ? 3dmark vantage: Here 3dmark 11 : here im sorry if I have posted in wrong section , I posted because M15x supports whatever g73 supports.
  11. single gtx 670 is more powerful that single asus mars ii , man those size comparisons are awesome , then what will happen to your mars ii ?
  12. It should work , because I sold my first dell card to a clevo owner , which still perfectly works for him. but flashing vbios is not going to work.
  13. can I overclock my i7 740qm ? never overclocked an mobile processor before.
  14. but those voltage perpectly worked on my dell card , i dont know why it doesnt work with this card. thanks for the info, mate
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